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Lauren Blakley’s Here Comes My Man ARC Review

Thank you to Lauren Blakely and her team for the advance reader copy of Here Comes My Man, the second story in the Hopelessly Bromantic duet.

It is finally time for the second part of Jude and TJ’s story!

I am a member of Lauren Blakley’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

A red-hot, enemies-to-lovers, fake boyfriend, second chance romance, and the conclusion to the Hopelessly Bromantic Duet!

Let me just say this — fake dating the cocky movie star was not my idea. Especially since he’s my former roomie and, gulp, my secret ex.

But my agent tells me I have no choice since I’m ridiculously overdue with turning in the next big blockbuster love story to my publisher.

Not to mention, ahem, writing it.

Falling for the smooth-talking English hottie once upon a time — fine, twice — were huge mistakes that I shouldn’t repeat, but pretending to like the guy who broke my heart is my only chance at saving my job.

That is, as long as no one finds out that every date we go on, every smile we flash each other for the cameras, and every hot, desperate kiss on the streets of Manhattan is absolutely fake.

Except…it’s not. At least for me.

And he can never know…

Contents Include: Snarky banter, sexy dates, hate s-e-x, seduction by a wordsmith, and two strong, stubborn, clever men determined to resist each other at all costs.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: TJ and Jude have a history, a history that is pretty essential to appreciate this story. Please go pick up Hopelessly Bromantic, if you have not. Here Comes My Man picks up ten months later and the boys are both in a tough spot. You have Jude with a flourishing career but a bit of a scandal he needs to clean up. While TJ can’t write love stories anymore. Their funks are broken out of as they spend more time together as the story progresses. Is there much character development from one instalment to the next? No, not really. Both characters are enjoyable, but I was looking for a bit more.
  • Setting: This part of the story keeps us in New York City rather than whisking us away to London. y favourite setting was the fun little trip to Vegas the guys took. I always love how Lauren will weave in The Extravagant hotel which you may recognize from The Extravagant series.
  • Pacing: The pacing was pretty good. It did not take too long for the boys to fall back together, apologize and then improve their communication. An improvement from the first book, that’s for sure.
  • Romance: They are brought together again by their agents, who want them to fake date. This was an interesting take on fake dating. Often couples who fake date may have some history, maybe they were close friends. Never have I read where they had basically an entire whirlwind romance and then spend seven years apart. The chemistry was back and it was immediate. They fall into old patterns and I loved how Lauren weaved in references to the first half of their love story. Jude and TJ were just as hot in the bedroom as they were in the first instalment. I just was not in love with this duology the way I am with other Lauren Blakley books, part of me thinks that this did not need two books and could have been structured into a single story.

Here Comes My Man receives three out of five stars.

You can pick up the story here.

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Thank you again to Lauren and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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