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K. Webster’s The Teacher of Nothing ARC Review

Thank you to K. Webster and her team at Indie Sage PR for the advance reader copy of The Teacher of Nothing.

Talk about a book stacked with taboo tropes! This book is way more emotional and sweet than I was expecting. Showing that you should never judge a book by its tropes.

From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster comes a new steamy age-gap, student-teacher forbidden romance!

He’s a grumpy teacher with a chip on his shoulder. She’s his much, much younger student who’s completely off-limits.

Love broke me when I was a teen.
My dad not only slept with my girlfriend, but he knocked her up and made her my stepmom, too. Nearly two decades later and I’m still not over it.
How can I be when they’re a daily reminder of what was stolen from me?

Being a teacher isn’t necessarily my passion but pissing my dad off is.
He thinks teaching is beneath our family and I love watching him squirm.

But the joke’s on me.

I’m completely obsessed with the quiet, beautiful girl in my class.
Always staring at her perfect lips when no one’s looking.
She’s so young—too young for me.
Something about her, though, is just so sad and I can’t seem to stop thinking about her.

I want to comfort her. To hold her.
To teach her filthy lessons while in the sanctity of my bedroom.

And, yet I can’t.
Not only would I lose my job and bring humiliation down on the others in my family who don’t deserve the heat, but I’d be just like him. My father. A sicko chasing some girl he has no business going after. I refuse to let that happen.

Until I’m forced to protect her when no one else will.
Everything changes and I cross a line I’m not sure I can come back from.

It turns out, I’m exactly like my father.
A selfish man hellbent on ruining everyone’s lives over a teenage girl.

*This is a complete standalone novel with a happily ever after. Characters are of legal age.*

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: The leading man is Callum Park of the notorious Park family, one of the most influential families in town. I liked how he was super sweet but still devilishly sinful. Most of all I love how he pushed Willa to be more confident. Willa our leading lady starts off on the shyer side, but I loved that she came into her own as the story progressed. A lot of readers will latch onto Willa and be the biggest cheerleaders in her conflicts with her step-brother and step-father.
  • Setting: The town in this story is not named but it feels like most small towns, a bit insular and tons of gossip runs amock. The setting is very much dominated by different locations, from the school to Callum’s house to Willa’s room. The best part of the setting was all the other Parks running around: Spencer, Gwen, Hugo and Dempsey. I am excited to see future stories.
  • Pacing: The book had okay pacing and I really enjoyed the later chunks. But I found sections, in the beginning, felt rushed. The way they felt deeply about each other from the very start felt very insta-lovey. I would have loved a bit more time for further development.
  • Romance: What can I say this book was super hot and taboo. There were so many great sex scenes. Of course, there was lots of fun sneaking around at school and in and out of her room. This romance became quite easy to invest in as the story went on. Callum was not only a defender, he was her biggest cheerleader. In a world where Willa had disappeared into the shadows, Callum showed her what a shining light she was.

The Teacher of Nothing receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Kristi and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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