Jay Crownover’s A Righteous Man Review

Thank you to Jay Crownover’s team for the copy of A Righteous Man, Jay’s latest release that is out now!

Who wouldn’t love a surprise release, let alone a surprise from Jay Crownover! I have absolutely loved Jay for years now so I was super excited she decided to release a surprise book. I was also incredibly happy that her team was able to send out review copies and that I am a small part of the group hyping up this awesome story.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“Salinger Dolan.
You know his name.
You’ve seen his face.
You’ve spent money on the endless amount of useless crap he endorses.
Of course, you’ve heard the stories.
You know the ones…The one that claimed he was hard to work with and totally unprofessional on set.
The one where he got caught doing drugs on the set of the most popular, family-friendly show in America.The one where he ruined the reputation—and career—of America’s sweetheart.
There’s more truth to those stories than his fans want to believe because Salinger is the kind of thoughtless, careless, dangerous Hollywood bad boy the paparazzi and fame-hungry starlets can’t get enough of.
Eventually, the shine of his flashy lifestyle started to fade, and Salinger realized the only thing he’s famous for nowadays is his bad behavior and well-documented struggle with addiction.
The former golden boy is beyond tarnished, and the only person who can help him get his glow back is the one woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

Maren Copeland.
You might recall her name.
It’s possible you vaguely remember her face.
You’re probably wondering where she went. After all, you’ve heard the stories…The one where she exposed Salinger Dolan’s drug use all those years ago.
The one that said she tried to ruin his career because she was envious of his popularity.
The one about how she went from being everyone’s favorite to a pariah overnight.
Maren Copeland is now known as the comeback queen. After years of hard work and purposely avoiding entanglements with problematic heartthrobs like her first co-star, she’s on track to revitalize her career and rearrange her priorities after a very messy and very public divorce.
For the first time in both her professional and personal life, she’s the one calling all the shots.
Unfortunately, the path to get her where she wants to be leads directly to none other than Salinger Dolan.
He’s the one and the only person she swore she would never work with again.
Once upon a time, he cost her everything. He’s back to make amends and promised to give her anything she wants if she’ll just give him a chance to prove he’s grown up.
She doesn’t trust him.
She knows she’d be a fool to believe he’s changed.
After all, what are the odds that a spoiled, entitled brat like Salinger Dolan could become a righteous man?”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Maren Copeland has had her ups and downs in Hollywood from being fired, to bad agents, to a miscarriage and a dick of an ex-husband. The story opens with Maren being let go from the show she works on with Salinger, she was let go after she told the showrunners that Salinger had a drug problem. Flash forward years later and Maren has turned her career around. She’s got an agent that supports her, an assistant who is devoted to her wellbeing, and she is so close to shaking off the vestiges of her failed marriage. This is when Salinger walks back into her life. Since they last worked together Salinger, through the help of his brother has picked himself up and dug himself out of the hole he was in. He has gone to rehab and fought to be sober. Now he has his own production company, and it’s first film he wrote the script for and he wants Maren to play the lead. Maren is reluctant at first, the last time she worked with Salinger it ruined her career but after some pivotal moments in the story she signs on to the project and it changes both their lives forever.
  • Pacing: It’s a story from Jay so of course, the pacing is great. I found the ending to be slightly rushed if I were to complain about anything. I liked the nature of these two having history that is explored at the beginning and then flashing forward to a time that they could really be together.
  • Setting: The story is set predominately in California, the LA area. You see glimpses of other places like when Maren visits her father in another state and when they go up to Vancouver to shoot the movie. I have not read much about famous actors falling in love and dealing with the paparazzi but that is exactly the beauty of an LA setting.
  • Romance: I loved Maren and Salinger’s love story. Jay speaks a lot in the author’s note of how she was inspired by Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s whirlwind romance. It was super interesting to see Jay depict being the people in a relationship with an age gap that is being perceived and subsequently misconstrued by the media and fans. No aspect was rushed, Jay paced it really well. I also thought Salinger would be the one to rely on Maren more, but really this story was more about Maren realizing it was safe to put her trust in him after she had been burned before.

A Righteous Man receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Jay’s team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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