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Week 10 Process Post: Google Analytics

I have really enjoyed diving into my analytics. I decided to look at my blog on a large scale and I’ve looked all the way back to when the class started. I’m diving into both my acquisition and behaviour statistics and using those to determine the conversion I should set.

Let’s start with Acquisition…

My blog tends to acquire an audience from social media. This comes as no surprise to me as I have been actively using social media to recruit an audience. When you dive deeper into Social, my traffic appears to be only coming from Twitter. This also makes sense to me as I have been more active on Twitter than Facebook. In the past, (before this class) I had more viewership from Facebook when I posted about Author Spotlights in the Facebook Group for the author. I want to do more Author Spotlights in the future to take advantage of this. One of my new conversions then is to acquire more of an audience from Facebook.


Next up is Behaviour…

I am glad to see my homepage has quite a lot of time spent on it. I worked really hard to build a homepage that reflects my entire brand including my Goodreads, and my work with PR companies. I am ecstatic about such a low bounce rate, I specifically made it so posts could be teased but one would still have to click read more, and I think that is paying off. My next three most viewed pages are actually Pub 101 assignments, first one is my post without words, then my meme, and finally my Superhero guest post. I am so glad to see these doing incredibly well as I put a lot of effort into my assignments and many of them are ideas I have had for a while that are able to flourish with some help from the assignment prompt. As I mentioned previously I have more Author Spotlights planned, I have two specific authors that I am really excited to write about. My other goal is to do more list style posts as If You Liked This YA Book… You Will Love this NA book and My Top 5 Most Anticipated 2018 Fall Releases are in list form and appear to be doing well. I’ve launched a new series called Are You New to NA? which when I look at my more recent analytics is doing well, and most importantly takes some inspiration from If You Liked This YA Book… You Will Love This NA Book as I am recommending NA specifically to new readers, just as that post did.

Now to summarise the conversions or goals I want to set and track for the rest of the semester:

  1. I want to write more Author Spotlights and track acquisition from Facebook due to posting in NA Author Fan groups
  2. I want to write more list/recommendation style posts and track the page views on such posts


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