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Lauren Blakely’s Birthday Suit Cover and Synopsis Reveal

I am so excited to be apart of the team revealing the cover and synopsis for Lauren Blakely’s Birthday SuitThe book releases on January 18, 2019.
Who doesn’t love a new release from Lauren Blakely, they are always such enjoyable reads.
Now what you have been waiting for, the cover…

Photography by Wander Aguiar
Cover Design by Helen Williams


Here is the reveal of the synopsis: “She’s the ultimate off-limits woman…There are only three rules in life you should truly follow to the letter.

One: Always make time to help a buddy.

Two: Definitely turn down that last tequila shot.

And three: Absolutely, no matter how beautiful, smart, clever and witty she is, do not–under any circumstances–fall in love with your best friend’s woman.


Seems I missed following that last one. And the trouble is, she just walked back into my life in a big way….

Pass the tequila.


There are three things I’ve never been able to resist — my friends, my family, and chocolate. Leo Hennessy? He was nowhere on that list. He’s been a friend and only that. A friend who walked through hell and back with me.

Now, I’m stepping into my new future, and I didn’t expect it to include a riddle-filled, race-against-the-clock scavenger hunt across New York City.

With Leo.

Suddenly, I’m looking at this man with new eyes…

But I can’t risk a temptation as I start over and Leo is most definitely a temptation of the sexiest, sweetest, and most dangerous variety.

More delicious than chocolate…

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Thank you for reading and thank you to Lauren Blakely and the team at InkSlingerPR.


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