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My Top 5 Most Anticipated 2018 Fall Releases (and Assignment #1)

When I say that I am excited and nervous for fall book releases I am not kidding. The excitement comes from the next installments in some of my favourite series. The nerves come from two of my favourite series concluding this fall.

Let’s start with excitement!

Tangled Like Us releases sometime this fall (a date has not been set yet, but hopefully will soon.)

Tangled Like Us is the fourth book in the Like Us Series (which is the spinoff series to the phenomenal Addicted series). The Like Us series follows the children of the characters of Krista and Becca Ritchie’s previous series. This world of their’s is one of my absolute favourites. Without a doubt Addicted to You is one of the most influential books on my life, as it made me aware in ways that I never was before. The Addicted series tackles addiction in such a careful and attentive manner, that you cannot help but leave your reading experience with a fresh understanding of the addictions written about and their effects on relationships. I am excited about Tangled with Us as it is the story of my two favourite character’s daughter and I have only read her in a supporting role in the three previous novels and I am just so excited to be inside her head. I highly recommend jumping on this series, I know it is really long (Addicted is ten books and Like Us will be eight books once it is finished) but it is so worth it.

You can add it on Goodreads and catch up on the other books here:


Royally Yours (the cover reveal is this month, stay tuned for a blog reveal post) releases October 30th.

The Royally series by Emma Chase is a favourite in the New Adult community. Everyone was sad when the trilogy came to a close but within the last year, Emma Chase has announced this fourth instalment and a spinoff series. The Royally series tells the stories of different members of the Wescco royal family and their romantic endeavours. There is no word yet on who this book is about, but fans are speculating the next generation of the royal family all grown up will be the ones to take center stage in the next instalment.

You can add it on Goodreads and check out the previous books in the series here:

A Nordic King releases September 21st.

Karina Halle is one of my favourite authors and not just because we have the same hometown. You can check out her all of her works as i’ve detailed in a previous blog post (warning there is a lot). A Nordic King tells the story of the widowed King of Denmark and the tension between him and his children’s nanny. The story can stand alone, but I also highly suggest books that have some characters in common The Swedish Prince and The Wild HeirI just love everything that Karina writes so I could not be more excited for her next book.

You can add it on Goodreads and check out all of Karina’s books here:


Next up are some conclusions that have been years in the making.


Queen of Air and Darkness releases on December 4th.

I cannot even put into words my love and hero worship for Cassandra Clare. The reader I am today is because of Cassie and her books. Every one of her endings is bittersweet but is also so exciting because she has yet to write a bad ending. If you are unaware of Cassie and the world of Shadowhunters you need to check out City of Bones right now. If you have already read the other Shadowhunters series, but have been unsure about picking up The Dark Artificies (QOaaD is the final book in the trilogy) I am here to tell you, read it! These books are more mature and really delve deeper into comparisons between racial relations and the far right in our world to the species-ist bigoted Shadowhunters of the Shadow world.

You can add it on Goodreads and check out the entire Shadowhunter chronicles here:


Kingdom of Ash releases on October 23rd.

Much to my surprise Kingdom of Ash is my most anticipated book this year (usually it is Cassie’s next release). I have been invested in the Throne of Glass series for years and I truly have no idea how it is going to conclude. Part of me is hopeful that all my babies are going to be okay and that all my favourite couples are going to live happily ever after. The other part of me is terrified that some large sacrifice will be required to conclude the final battle and everyone I love will die. So I am totally calm right now, not freaking out at all. If you have not read Throne of Glass or my fave from Sarah, A Court of Thorns and Roses I highly recommend them.

You can add it to Goodreads and check out the rest of the series here (I highly recommend reading it in publication order!):


Thank you so much for supporting my blog and for reading about my most anticipated releases. Please leave a comment if you are also excited for any of these books, and if not are there any books you are excited for this fall? Thanks again!




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