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Week 2 Process Post: Blog Updating and Goals

I relaunched this blog about six months ago, but as of two weeks ago, it is going through yet another relaunch of sorts. In purchasing my domain I have been able to shape this blog into more of what I have always imagined it to be. These last couple weeks have also allowed me to re-evaluate why I am creating this content in the first place. I was brought back to my inspirations specifically the first book blog I ever subscribed to, TMI Source and the first New Adult book blog I ever followed religiously, Aestas Book Blog. Looking more closely at these blogs I was able to see how I have adapted some of the techniques they use. In both cases, they have very simple backgrounds but rely on sidebars, menu bars, and shortcuts to optimize reaching the content you want to read efficiently. Most importantly their “design supports their content”. Their content is informative so the blog’s themes had to allow for easy perusal of the content the blogs are disseminating. I want to achieve this with my design and content as well. Hence I deeply categorize my posts and have created a few different bars to allow you to find exactly what you are looking for right away. When it comes to my content my main goal is to be informative, to tell you when books are coming out, revealing covers, and ultimately helping you find your next read.

Thank you for reading this post and supporting my blog!


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