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Tales of Darkness and Sin ARC Review

Thank you to the authors of this anthology and the team at Social Butterfly PR for the advance reader copy of Tales of Darkness and Sin, a new anthology from some of the top authors of the romance genre.

For over a year I have been getting sneak peeks at these stories through the Queens of Darkness and Sin Facebook group. If you are a fan of any of these lovely ladies or steamy sexy stories in general, you gotta join the group. I was super excited to see these ladies compile the stories they have co-written together in an package tied up in a nice little bow.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

From 16 bestselling authors comes seven never-before-released dark and forbidden co-written short stories with HEAs and sneak peeks of upcoming releases. Tales of Darkness & Sin is only available for a limited time so pre-order your copy now!

Bestselling authors include: Aleatha Romig, A Zavarelli, Ashley Jade, Cora Reilly, Giana Darling, Isabella Starling, Jade West, K Webster, Lucia Franco, Lylah James, Natasha Knight, Parker S Huntington, Pepper Winters, Sam Mariano, Sierra Simone and Skye Warren.

All royalties from this anthology will benefit the National Women’s Law Center which represents a variety of issues from women’s rights to LGBTQIA issues. We aren’t affiliated or endorsed by these charities. We are simply authors who want to support an important cause.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Aleatha Romig and Skye Warren’s Sold to the Highest Bidder – 3 stars: I was slightly disappointed by this story. The title got me really excited for an auction. And yes there was one and I loved the dynamic of brother versus brother. But there were not enough steamy scenes.
  • A. Jade and A. Zavarelli’s Stalker – 4 stars: This one had a fun premise of the stalker being the quiet boy from her high school that always liked her. This one had some sexy scenes and a super fun twist.
  • Parker S. Huntington and Giana Darling’s Poisoned Hearts – 4.5 stars: I absolutely adore Giana’s mafia stories and this felt a lot like the world of the Lombardis. This one I would have engulfed as a full-length novel. The perfect levels of sexual tension and such a fast-paced plot. Loved it!
  • Lylah James and Cora Reilly’s Dirty Bargain – 4 stars. Continuing with the Italian mafia and including the Russian Bratva. This one was intense, but that is what you get when the man is called Killer. Another steamy tale, full of dirty talk and another untouched virgin. Who doesn’t love trading your virginity for a hitman to kill someone for you?
  • K. Webster and Sam Mariano’s Mr. Foster – 4 stars. Time for an office romance, and who doesn’t love it when the employee falls for the boss. To make it even more forbidden the boss is her father’s best friend. This one is quite a classic tale with a huge age gap so if you are into that this one will for sure be right up your alley.
  • Giana Darling and Sierra Simone’s Not a Dirty Little Secret – 4.5 stars. A little M/M romance with the British Prime Minister! I absolutely adored this story as I am a sucker for a good M/M romance. This story is the only one where I have read pretty much the entire backlist of the two authors writing it so suffice to say I love Giana and Sierra to death. There was a little added taboo element to this book that was thrown in partway through so I loved the pacing of this. The guys had such chemistry and a wonderful connection. This may be my fave of the anthology.
  • Jade West and Lucia Franco’s Her Christmas Present – 4.5 stars. And now for a little Christmas story. This one was a classic daddy-esque age gap tale between a high school senior and her teacher. The Christmas twist of him playing Santa and her sitting on his lap was such a fun way to start off a story really about an older man showing this younger girl pleasure for the first time.
  • The final three pieces were previews for full-length stories: Pepper Winters’ Forbidden Flaws, Natasha Knight’s With This Ring, and Isabella Starling’s Tyrant Stalker – all 4 stars. I definitely plan to look more into these as I found myself getting hooked into these previews. All of these really engaged me and made me want to know what was happening next. It was an interesting choice to include these at the end, don’t really think it was that necessary and instead it made the book really really long. They felt out of place not being co-written shorts. That being said still enjoyable reads.

Tales of Darkness and Sin receives four of out five stars.

You can pick up the story below…

A reminder that the royalties will go to the National Women’s Law Center.

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Thank you again to Social Butterfly PR and the ladies of Queen of Darkness and Sin. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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