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S.A. Foxe’s Cheat(er) Code ARC Review

Thank you to S.A. Foxe and Daz and Netgalley for the advance reader copy of Cheater Code, an erotica graphic novel from Oni Press.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis below…

An erotic graphic novel that pushes all the right buttons, Cheat(er) Code is a hilarious, sexy, and surprisingly tender story about navigating heartbreak and rediscovering your own confidence.

Kennedy and his boyfriend Seth have been together six years, and honestly, it’s pretty comfortable. That is, until the couple gets into a huge, potentially relationship-changing fight. Kennedy turns to his trusty video games to distract himself, but when a random power surge hits, he’s transported inside his video game library. Dazed and incredulous about his digital predicament, Ken finds himself seduced by a silver daddy, rutting with a couple of barbarians from an epic fantasy, and sorting through a lot of confusing feelings about his favorite anthropomorphic cheetah character. Kennedy will need to confront his biggest fears to get back to reality before the game glitches him out of existence, but sometimes, the unexpected (and unexpectedly sexy) is just what you need to hit the reset button.

“Hilarious and heartwarming, it’s an absolute must for your favorite gaymer and an incredible read for anyone who’s ever console-d themselves through a heartbreak.” —Tini Howard

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Kennedy, better known as Ken is the main character. The story opens with a pivotal moment for Ken’s character, he walks in on his boyfriend Seth cheating on him. Seth complains that Ken is gaming too much rather than putting effort into their relationship. Ken has almost let himself go and this story shows him how he can be the hero in his own journey, that he can be desired again.
  • Setting: The setting flips between different video game settings. From completely fantastical worlds to small-town America to science fiction style settings. I loved flipping between the different settings that were reminiscent of many games I have played before.
  • Pacing: I always find comics/graphic novels a quick read and Cheat(er) Code definitely was.
  • Romance: The romance element is a bit different as Ken is broken up with at the beginning of the story. He spends the majority of the story hooking up but what this teaches him is that he is worthy of love and worth putting effort in.

Cheat(er) Code receives four out of five stars.

Thank you again to S.A. Foxe, Daz and Netgalley for the advanced copy. Thank you for reading my blog. Stay safe!

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