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Fiona Cole’s Blame it on the Vodka ARC Review

Thank you to Fiona Cole and the team at Valentine PR for the advance reader copy of Blame it on the Vodka, the third story in the Blame it on the Alcohol series.

I have adored the Blame it on the Alcohol books so far. Next up is a friends-to-lovers romance coupled with an accidental Vegas wedding! Always a fun plot point.

A bit of a trigger warning, if reading about depictions of domestic abuse upsets you in any way this story may not be for you.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Especially when you wake up married to your best friend.

Don’t miss Raelynn and Austin’s friend-to-lovers romance, Blame it on the Vodka, coming April 21st.

Waking up beside my best friend after a crazy night in Vegas is nothing new.

However, waking up wearing nothing but two shiny, matching wedding rings is.

For the girl who promised to never settle down, it’s her worst nightmare.

For me, it’s a dream come true.

I’ve wanted Raelynn Vos since she first propositioned me at a frat party. I, of course, turned her down, knowing I’d need more than a one night stand. Nothing less than forever would do.

She’s fierce and determined, but I’m more determined than she could ever be.

When fate forces us to pretend our marriage is real, I use every second to prove I’m the perfect man to tame her wildness.

In fact, by the end of our charade, I’ll have her begging for it.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Austin and Rae are best friends and have been since college. Rae is a marketer and socialite, her father is running for senate and she is a bit famous. He adopted Rae when he married her mother. Austin really likes Rae and always has, he was attracted to her instantly. He has always wanted something more. As this is the last book of the series I loved all the detail put into having the gals and their guys be a part of Rae’s story.
  • Setting: Our story opens in Las Vegas as Parker and Nova from Blame it on the Tequila, are getting married. That is what lures Rae and Austin to Sin City. The other setting that really shines in this story is the farm Austin’s grandparents own, the place where he grew up.
  • Pacing: I found this story took me some time to get hooked. But once I was in, it flew by. The ending also felt a bit rushed. I liked the choices Fiona made not only in wrapping up this story but the entire series. This story features some sensitive topics which were explored in a very meaningful way. I loved the exploration of themes such as the feelings of fault, shame and embarrassment. Fiona did a good job of exploring why people stay, the warning signs and the importance of a community to support you.
  • Romance: This was such an interesting friends-to-lovers, accidental marriage romance. I really liked the juxtaposition Fiona Cole showcased. How Austin holds marriage so sacred and only wants to get married once in his life. While Rae is such a skeptic, she has sworn off marriage. I loved how Austin just loved Rae and wanted to make the most of what they drunkenly stumbled into. This book was also very steamy, something I was expecting and very much appreciate from Fiona. She knocks these out of the park and even I would have liked some of the more hardcore elements explored even more. I find getting accidentally married in Vegas stories feel repetitive, if you are going to read one I would highly recommend this one. It definitely stands out among the pack.

Blame it on the Vodka receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Giana and the team at Valentine PR for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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