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Katee Robert’s The Dragon’s Bride ARC Review

Thank you to Katee Robert and her team for the advance reader copy of The Dragon’s Bride, the first book in the A Deal With A Demon series.

I am a member of Katee Robert’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

I still cannot believe I get to say that! It is an honour to join Katee’s new ARC review team. I started reading Katee’s books two years ago now and I fell in love with her taboo tales. So I am excited to do my first official ARC team review for her and of course its for a story about a monster with two dicks.

“Briar Rose might have a name out of a storybook, but she learned at a very young age that no prince was coming to save her. She’ll have to save herself. Unfortunately, even that is an impossible task in her current situation—trapped in a terrifying marriage to a dangerous man.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is how she finds herself making a deal with a demon. Freedom from her husband…in return for seven years of service.

She expects the service to be backbreaking and harsh. She doesn’t expect to be put on an auction block in a room full of literal monsters and sold to the highest bidder.

To Sol.

A dragon.

He might seem kinder than his fearsome looks imply, but she knows better than to trust the way he wants to take care of her, or how invested he is in her pleasure. In her experience, if something seems too good to be true, it certainly is.

Falling for Sol is out of the question. She’s suffered enough, and she has no intention of staying in this realm…even if she leaves her heart behind when she returns to her normal life.

Author’s Note: Please check the author’s website for all tropes, tags, and CWs.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Briar Rose has to make a deal with a demon, to keep her safe and away from her world. She is forced to shelter in his. She makes the deal with Azazel and then he auctions her off. Enter Sol, the leader of his territory, he’s a dragon. Sol has the responsibility of his people on his to lead him to select a human bride. Sol looks kind of like a lizard mixed with a human with a tail. I loved Briar Rose. Briar is not some fragile heroine, she is a survivor. She has such a brave and determined soul and I love how Sol acknowledges this about her.
  • Setting: The concept of this demon world Katee has created is super interesting. The concept of these contracts and how humans interact with the demon realm was quite fascinating. I really like how Katee set up so many future books. I know we are getting the Krakens story next. But there is a ton of potential from Kusalka the succubus, Bram the winged demon and Thane the tentacle monster. I am also very interested to see if we ever get Azazel, the bargainer demon himself find love.
  • Pacing: This is a very quick read, as I was expecting. It makes for some great escapism. If you are struggling to pick up something during a reading slump or have been bogged down by some chunky fantasy books. Then this may be the next story for you.
  • Romance: Dragons have a strict culture so he married Briar and now he is trying to seduce her. But Briar is not so wild about this marriage. I enjoyed how Katee built Briar’s backstory, having her have this past that she fights with. A past she tries not to have defined her, but sometimes she cannot help but feel a little broken, That’s why Sol is her perfect match. The big dragon is kinda a big softie (well out of the bedroom, cause in the bedroom he’s a little rough just like how Briar likes it). I loved to see how cautious he was with Briar not just with her human body but also with her heart.

The Dragon’s Bride receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Katee and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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