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Katee Robert’s Midnight Ruin ARC Review

Thank you to Katee Robert, Sourcebooks Casablanca, and Raincoast for the advance reader copy of Midnight Ruin, the sixth book in the Dark Olympus series.

I am nothing if not consistent, and I consistently love Katee Robert’s throuple novels so damn much. Midnight Ruin is phenomenal, I’ve read it twice through before writing this review. If you have not started this series yet I beg you to start with Neon Gods and let yourself be taken away on this rollercoaster of fast-paced political intrigue and toe-curlingly good romance.

I am a Katee Robert review team member, but I remain honest and genuine in my reviews.

Eurydice Dimitriou has always been the innocent sister, but she’s finally ready to step out of the long shadow cast by her powerful family…and the ex who shattered her heart. Perhaps rough hands on soft skin are exactly what she needs to forget her heartbreak once and for all?

Charon Ariti has been Hades’s right-hand man for years. He’s given everything to the lower city, but now he’s ready to take something for himself. He’s only too happy to give Eurydice a special kind of education…but is her heart really free enough to be claimed?

Orpheus Makos will do whatever it takes to make things right. Once the golden boy of the upper city, he’s now a shadow of his former self. He’ll do anything to get Eurydice back…even if it means she’s not coming into his arms alone. Three hearts. Three futures. Countless ways to get it wrong.

But with enemies slipping through Olympus’s faltering barrier to lay siege on the lower city, a trio of broken hearts will be the least of these would-be lovers’ worries…

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Eurydice, Charon, Orpheus – what a cast of lead characters for this instalment! All the Dimitriou sisters have my heart and so of course I was excited to get into Eurydice’s head. After only seeing her through predominately her sisters’ eyes, I loved getting to know this powerhouse character better. She is not as innocent as what meets the eye, which is perfect. Charon and Orpheus were perfect for her because they both brought something different. Charon
  • Setting: Back to the underworld baby! We have not had a tried and true Underworld book since Neon Gods, since book one! I was so happy to be back over the River Styx. I know Katee has spoken about how this book was initially third and I am so happy things were switched around to make the long-awaited return to Underworld just hit perfectly!
  • Pacing: What is so special about Katee and this series is just how well-balanced the political intrigue is against the relationships and the steamy scenes. Every chapter just makes you want to read the next one, and every instalment just ups the stakes in this world!
  • Romance: Katee proves once again why they are just so damn good at writing throuples. The best triads show how the relationships just work as a group of three, not as pairs. I really liked how this was both a second-chance romance and a friend-to-lovers. So much of this series is more enemies-to-lovers so that was a lovely change of pace, I love when Katee throws in a few curve balls to the romance. The biggest one probably being the puppy play which I know Katee even said online came as a surprise while writing but my god it fits this story so well. Orpheus at his most submissive was the missing piece of the puzzle for Charon and Eurydice. Along with what a great take on that second chance that what made Eurydice and Orpheus not work originally really was that people were not their true authentic selves. So simply I say this book was hot and it gets steamy or should I say foggy rather quickly. A Katee Robert slow burn is fun every once in a while, but Katee is at their best when they write characters with so much tension and chemistry that it drips off the page.

Midnight Ruin receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Katee, Sourcebooks Casablanca, and Raincoast for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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