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Helena Hunting and Debra Anastasia’s Before You Ghost ARC Review

Thank you to Helena Hunting and her team for the advance reader copy of Before you Ghost, which is out now!

I am a member of Helena Hunting’s Review Team, this does not affect the honesty and integrity of my review.

Who doesn’t love a surprise holiday themed release! Helena and Debra have taken something as morbid as death and scary as ghosts. And instead given all of us a book that is both extremely funny and sexy.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“It’s hard to miss your boyfriend when he’s standing right next to you being a sarcastic nimrod. I have a temper and he has an attitude. Our antics inside and outside the bedroom are off the charts. Half the time we’re giving each other a hard time just to get to the good times.

Things get more complicated when he’s all those things and dead as well.

Evan’s a newly formed ghost, and I’m Sammi, the girlfriend whose lady bits are accused of being so strong they shot him off a cliff.

Our new life is tinged with pirates, mermaids, undead carjackers who look like they should be on the set of a horror movie, and a nefarious ghost that has it out for me.

The worst part? We have to figure it all out before Evan goes ghost. For good this time.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Sammi and Evan are the main characters of this Halloween themed story. Evan is a ghost for the vast majority of this story while Sammi is the girlfriend coming to terms with the fact that her boyfriend is now a ghost. Evan is protective and loyal hence he holds onto the material world in order to ensure the safety of Sammi. I would be remiss to mention just how funny they both are individually and together.
  • Pacing: Such a perfect little story. Give yourself an hour or so and you can digest the whole thing. The length does not take away from the reader connecting to the characters or the romance, as Debra and Helena do an awesome job of prioritizing that over anything else.
  • Romance: This is a hot hot hot romance. Sammi is very honest at the beginning of the story that she and Evan have lots of fights that spur lots of hot, angry sex. We have all come across stories about sex with ghosts if we have spent any time looking at Halloween erotica on the internet, and oh man did Helena and Debra make it super sexy. Coupled with the hot sex are the feelings I did not think I could develop for a couple in such a short page count. Sammi and Evan’s love felt bigger than life and death itself, and not just because he was a ghost.

If I haven’t convinced you yet check out this excerpt…

Her frown deepened for a moment before her eyebrows lifted and so did her lips. “I have an idea!”

“Uh oh.” Sammi’s ideas often resulted in me being in questionable scenarios.

“Remember that edible glitter I got for your birthday last year?”

Of course I remembered the edible glitter. She’d been on a Twilight kick and thought it would be fun for me to role play Edward. She even made me take a cold shower so my skin was cool and then coated me in edible glitter. The only reason I had said yes was because she’d guaranteed me a blow job. I’d spent the following week trying to get glitter out places it should never be.

“Didn’t you throw it out?”

She shook her head and had the decency to look a little guilty.

Before You Ghost receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Helena and the team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! Stay safe and Happy Halloween folks.

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