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Devney Perry’s Fallen Jester ARC Review

Thank you to Devney Perry and her team for the advance reader copy of Fallen Jester, the fifth story in the Tin Gypsy series. The story releases on May 18th!

OMG I am over the moon to announce this is my first Devney Perry review as an official member of her review team. I discovered Devney very early on in her career before The Coopersmith Farmhouse series was even complete, and I have been reviewing for her for years through various PR companies. I am so happy to be on her dedicated and to continue to scream from the rooftops, about just how much I love Devney’s work.

I am a member of Devney Perry’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“Leo Winter loves his life. He works when he needs money. He rides when he craves freedom. He frequents the local bar when he wants a good time. The Tin Gypsies might be a memory, but the bachelor life he lived with his motorcycle club still suits him fine. So when a one-night stand surprises him at a family barbecue and claims she’s pregnant with his child, he’s certain he’s died and gone to hell.

Cassandra Cline took one night off from her structured life. One. And now her wild fling with the local bad boy has turned her life sideways. Her dreams and academic career are circling the drain, and none of it would have happened if she’d stayed far, far away from Leo.

Except avoiding him is impossible, especially when she’s forced to move home to Clifton Forge, Montana. And he refuses to leave her side when a series of strange accidents put her and their baby at risk. But are they accidents? Or is she standing in the middle of a battlefield she doesn’t understand?

Her only allies are people she barely knows. And a man who has the potential to steal her heart.

If only he’d stop playing the fool.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Cassandra and Leo are the main characters of this story. Cassandra is our heroine, on the younger side of things at 24, she is fresh off finishing her Master’s. It takes a bit of time to get to know her true character between her strong-willed parents and her slight recluse style of living. But really she lacks friends in Clifton Forge and she settles down and is embraced by the ladies of the Tin Gypsies she just flourishes as this bright and bubbly character. Leo is the older one at 32 and man oh man this is a story of Leo’s struggles. His self-doubt about his abilities to be a partner, to be a father, to be a good friend, a good son. All of these combine with his grief and mourning. He is not over the loss of Draven (if you read the other books you know who and what I am referring to here. If you don’t then please god start Gypsy King ASAP.
  • Setting: The story is set in the small town of Clifton Forge, Montana. Clifton Forge is not fully safe yet from the wrath of a motorcycle turf war and now Leo and Cass are caught in the crossfire. The best part of Clifton Forge is the Tin Gypsy community. The club itself might have been disbanded but the brotherhood still exists and was such great support to Leo and Cass.
  • Pacing: I always find that Devney paces her stories impeccably well. I am hooked within the first sentence and I just let her take me for the ride. In previous instalments, the mystery elements were better, but it is the nature of where we are in the series that we know who the villains are. But that did not make the paranoia any less stressful, Devney just has such emotive writing. I could read it all day.
  • Romance: This is quite an interesting relationship, it really starts as lust. As one night of passion, intensity and coming together. There was no intention to make a baby that night but it happened, and yes the baby brought them together. It brought Cass and Leo under one roof but it did not keep them together. They kept themselves together, first as friends, then as lovers, and then as partners in parenting and life. Leo’s infatuation with Cassandra was apparent from page one, I loved how he could not hide his inner monologue of just how much he always wanted to kiss her. I absolutely adored when he grew increasingly protective of Cass.
  • My excitement for the final instalment is off the charts now. It is finally time for Emmett’s story and I believe he has one of the most interesting, coming out of left field love interests that Devney has ever introduced.

Fallen Jester receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Devney for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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