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Kylie Scott’s Fake ARC Review

Thank you to Kylie Scott and Social Butterfly PR for the advance reader copy of Fake, the first story in her new series, West Hollywood. The story releases on May 18th!

This is my first time reviewing for Kylie Scott. I have been a fan of some of her previous work including Stage Dive and Dive Bar. The premise of this novel really intrigued me and who doesn’t love the trope of the A-list Hollywood celebrity who needs to date a normal girl to better his reputation.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

He walks the red carpet. She’s more familiar with vacuuming one.

When a scandal tarnishes the reputation of hot as hell A-lister, Patrick Walsh, he needs a reputation rescue, pronto.

Enter waitress Norah Peers–a nobody who’s average with a capital A. She’s available, dependable, and has sworn off men for the rest of her natural born life. In other words: the perfect match for a no-strings fake romance.

For the right amount of money, she can avoid waitressing and play the part of his dependable down-to-earth girlfriend. What she can’t avoid–dammit–is the growing steam between them.

But being hounded by the paparazzi and having your life dissected on social media is a panic attack in the making. And while Patrick might be a charming rogue on screen, in real life he’s a six-foot-two confusing, gorgeous, brooding grump, who keeps her at a distance . . . but also makes her feel like this bond between them might be more than just an act.

Being dumped on cue should be no big deal. Except being fake with Patrick is the realist relationship Norah has ever had. What’s a girl to do, but flip the script, and ask for a rematch made in Hollywood?”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Patrick and Norah are the main characters. Norah is kind, hardworking, and incredibly selfless. She was a phenomenal heroine to start this series with. I could imaging being in her shoes, and how jarring it was to go from a waitress to the girlfriend of a famous actor. All of this was communicated very well by Kylie Scott. Patrick is that actor, embroiled in a recent scandal yet very much a kind, private, gentleman. While still being the protective, fun, charmer any romance reader would love to see in the hero.
  • Setting: The story is set in Hollywood and features what I imagine are the realities of celebrity life. You really can attempt to understand these realities as Patrick has to live in seclusion, away from a stalker, the paparazzi and the media. I do not want to spoil the events of the story but Norah goes through something that vividly paints the paranoia that being a celebrity girlfriend can come with.
  • Pacing: I loved the pace of this story. It does not occur over a long period of time, yet the relationship never felt rushed. Like when you think about it as a matter of weeks it seems quick but when you look at it like it took until the latter half of the novel for the characters to kiss (not for show). It was really a slow burn romance, pacing I often adore.
  • Romance: This was just such an easy relationship that developed at a natural pace. They both had horrid dating histories and could not find their person. Literally, Paddy’s parents paint his love life as hopeless at one point. While Norah has focused so much on working her ass off. Now it is as if fate brought them into Norah’s restaurant at a precise moment. They may have been slow to get physical but once they did they sure made up for the lost time. They had such beautiful scenes together. Overall, this was a great love story and I am excited to hopefully see some future instalments with the other guys in the story like Paddy’s friends Jack and Cole.

Fake receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Kylie and the SB team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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