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Corinne Michaels’ A Chance For Us ARC Review

Thank you to Corinne Michaels and the team at Valentine PR for the advance reader copy of A Chance for Us, the fourth story in the Willow Creek Valley series.

I love Corrine’s writing so much! She always gets me so emotionally invested and does not let me finish a story without a good cry.

“New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels returns to the Willow Creek Valley Series in this stunning small town/fake relationship romance.

Oliver Parkerson has sworn off love. Not because he doesn’t believe in it, but because he loved a girl once who broke his heart when he was ready to propose. After failing miserably, he is ready to focus on his work. As part-owner of the Firefly Resort, he’s in charge of large events. His college friend, Maren, needs a place for her destination wedding and Oliver offers the resort. When Maren’s fiancé jilts her, will Oliver have a chance to save the day or will everything fall apart?”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Our heroine is Maren, someone who is sweet, loving and caring. She loves her father and as he is dying she wants to leave him at peace. She rushes into a relationship and it fails, but she still has her wedding planned. And so the wedding must go on. Enter Oliver Parkerson, who may be my fave Parkerson yet! He steps in to save the day because he is a genuinely nice guy. I loved how hard-working, dedicated and loyal he was. This installment brought us so many character cameos from a ton of Corinne’s books and I adored her for all these check-ins. You’ll get some characters from the Salvation series and Devney is Maren’s bestie, you’ll remember her from The One for Me.
  • Setting: The story is set mostly in Willow Creek Valley and at the Parkerson’s hotel. Along with some good quality time at Myrtle Beach, a sequence I absolutely loved. Willow Creek Valley was such a whimsical setting to get married.
  • Pacing: This book was paced very well. Corinne had me hooked from the start with such an intriguing premise. And damn her cause she always gets me to cry. If cancer and death are triggering for you this may not be the title for you.
  • Romance: This romance had me swooning. Both Maren and Oliver had struggles in the past, finding love has not come easy. Throughout the novel, Oliver described always feeling like a second choice, which is something a lot of readers can relate to. As a plot point, it caused an interesting dynamic. This romance had so many incredibly sweet moments. I loved how Oliver supported and stood by Maren through everything with her father. Sweet gave into sultry, especially in a certain hot tub scene in Myrtle Beach that was incredibly hot. This romance was wonderful, thank you Corinne for writing it.

A Chance for Us receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Corinne and Valentine PR for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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