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Kim Findlay’s Halftime ARC Review

Thank you to Kim Findlay, Sarina Bowen, and the rest of the World of True North for the advance reader copy of Halftime, the sixth story in the Moo U series.

Two hockey players, one who swears he did not cheat, the other deeply angered by infidelity. Together they bring an epic second chance romance at Moo U.

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Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“There’s no halftime in hockey, but maybe there’s one in love…

Drunk dialing your girlfriend to tell her that you didn’t really cheat is a bad idea–a lesson Seb Hunter learned the hard way. It was no surprise when she cut him completely out of her life. Now he’s finally moved on, and he’s looking forward to sophomore year at Moo U. Until his ex arrives on campus.

For goalie Faith Devereaux, cheating is a hard pass. She grew up knowing all too well how destructive infidelity can be. She’s gotten over Seb and picked the college of her dreams. The fact that he’s a student there will not be a problem. Hockey is her priority. Not guys, not dating, definitely not exes.

But when an exhibition game forces them into close proximity, it isn’t long before their old attraction flares. Regaining trust is hard, though, when the heart plays a good defensive game.

But when the goal is love, one more shot might be all they need.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Seb and Faith are similar in many ways. They are both hardworking, loyal, and dedicated to school and hockey. Seb is a big softie, still nursing a slightly broken, bruised and battered heart because of ending things with Faith. While Faith is heartbroken over Seb, as she genuinely believes he cheated on her. Her father cheated on her mother so that has affected her perception of infidelity and honestly, it set her up to be scared that her man would cheat too. Faith is our first female hockey player at Moo U and she is an extremely talented goalie.
  • Setting: Naturally this story is set at Burlington University, aka Moo U. The side characters really shine in this installment so much so that I want their stories, please! Faith is roomies with Penny and Seb’s BFF Cooper were both awesome characters. I quickly developed a soft spot for Cooper and loved how he became Seb & Faith’s biggest cheerleader. I did not really like how he continually told Faith things that Seb should have been telling her, But I respect that he wanted all the facts straight about Seb before Faith continued to pass her judgements.
  • Pacing: This was a very fast read. So much of the couple’s history is before the book starts, so not much page space had to be dedicated to them getting to know each other. No spoilers here folks, but I wanted to let you know you gotta read this story for the epilogue. I loved it, the best in the series yet!
  • Romance: These two are your classic first loves. who never stopped loving each other, kind of love. This makes for a very easy relationship as loving each other is as easy as breathing. They try friends with benefits, but they both know there is something more there. I loved how they were the best confidants for each other about their individual problems, yet they remained the best cheerleader for each other’s personal successes.

Halftime receives four out of five stars.

You can pick up the story below…

Thank you again to Kim, Sarina, and the rest of TWOTN team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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