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Melanie Harlow’s Tease ARC Review

Thank you to Melanie Harlow and her team for the advance reader copy of Tease, the eighth story in the Cloverleigh Farms series.

I love Cloverleigh and could read them forever. Stumbling into an arrangement with a billionaire to be your fake fiancé. These tropes are to die for!

I am a member of Melanie Harlow’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and genuine.

I didn’t mean to say I was engaged to a hot billionaire–it just slipped out.

In my defense, I’d had a really bad haircut, a really strong drink, and I was trying to save face in front of the Mean Girl at my high school reunion.

Lucky for me, I happen to know a hot billionaire. Hutton French and I have been friends forever, and even though big social gatherings are not his thing, I called him from the coat closet and begged him for a favor–show up and play my fake fiancé for the night.

Except that word of our engagement spreads like wildfire. Our families are ecstatic. We’re front page news. My little food blog is launched into the stratosphere.

Of course, I offer to set the record straight right away, but Hutton wants to give it a little time–the phony engagement is keeping his matrimony-mad mother and every matchmaking granny in town off his back.

He even suggests I move in with him to make the ruse more real.

And we don’t stop there.

We practice kissing. Undressing each other. Saying things–and doing things–we’d never dare if we weren’t pretending. Because it’s all for show, right? We’re just role-playing. Hutton doesn’t want a real relationship, and I don’t want to get hurt. But the more time we spend faking it, the more I start to wonder.

Could Hutton French and I actually be right for each other, or is it all just one big tease?

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Our heroine is Felicity. She is the daughter of Mac and the step-daughter of Frannie, whom you may remember from the book that started it all, Irresistible. Felicity is a bit unsure of herself, plus through in some abandonment issues. I loved how she was a hard worker, loyal friend and caring sister. Our hero is Hutton. He was Felicity’s best friend in high school. He went to MIT and is now the billionaire CEO of a crypto company. I loved how much of a socially awkward nerd Hutton was. He was such a sweetie I could not help but love him. His dedication to research paid off both in the boardroom and the bedroom.
  • Setting: This story is set in the small Michigan town that houses Cloverleigh Farms and Abelard Vineyard. I loved that so many people all over the small town react to the wedding. From the overbearing grannies to the high school mean girl, this town had it all.
  • Pacing: I could not help but engulf this book. I was hooked from the first few chapters that had Felicity almost falling flat on her face at her high school reunion. Perfect pacing.
  • Romance: Damn I love a fake dating scheme. This time it is fake fiances and they have been pinning over each other for years. Both were too shy to make the first move in high school. Now as adults I love that they are finally getting their second chance. These two nerds are hot together in bed. Tease has one of the hottest scenes that Melanie has ever written. Scenes that rival the electrifying nature of the Frenched series. I would have loved to explore the spicier side of Hutton even more, but that one scene just wasn’t enough. They had the type of love that makes me teary-eyed. This was a perfect Melanie Harlow book. A couple with good emotional and sexual chemistry, side characters whose stories I loved and others I cannot wait for all, all wrapped up in Cloverleigh.

Tease receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Melanie Harlow and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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