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Ana Huang’s King of Pride Review

Thank you to Ana Huang, Bloom Books, Raincoast, and NetGalley for the advance reader copy of the traditional re-release of King of Pride, the second story in the Kings of Sin series.

My second time through King of Pride and I loved it even more! This series is such a gem and I cannot wait to see what else Ana has in store for us. Kai and Isabella are two of her best characters yet!

She’s his opposite in every way…and the greatest temptation he’s ever known.

Reserved, controlled, and proper to a fault, Kai Young has neither the time nor inclination for chaos—and Isabella, with her purple hair and inappropriate jokes, is chaos personified.

With a crucial CEO vote looming and a media empire at stake, the billionaire heir can’t afford the distraction she brings.

Isabella is everything he shouldn’t want, but with every look and every touch, he’s tempted to break all his rules…and claim her as his own.


Bold, impulsive, and full of life, Isabella Valencia has never met a party she doesn’t like or a man she couldn’t charm…except for Kai Young.

It shouldn’t matter. He’s not her type—the man translates classics into Latin for fun, and his membership at the exclusive club where she bartends means he’s strictly off limits.

But she can’t deny that, beneath his cool exterior, is a man who could make her melt with just a touch.

No matter how hard they try, they can’t resist giving into their forbidden desires.

Even if it costs them everything.

King of Pride is a steamy opposite attract, forbidden billionaire romance. It’s book two in the Kings of Sin series but can be read as a standalone.

Contains explicit content and profanity. Recommended for mature readers only.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: I love both of our lead characters so damn much. You gotta love Kai, the nerdy boy who is actually a bit of a freak in the sheets! Paired so perfectly with Isabella who is just so easy to route for. She’s the perfect blend of tough and soft. An added bonus of this instalment was setting Vivian and Dante as lovesick newlyweds. Along with a sneak peek into Dominic and Alexandria’s dynamic, which just made me all the more excited for King of Greed.
  • Setting: We are back in Ana Huang’s New York City and cameos galore! A central setting of this story in particular is the Valhalla Club as Kai is a member and Isabella a bartender there. I loved all their liaisons in the piano room and the secret library.
  • Pacing: What can I say there isn’t an Ana Huang book I haven’t devoured quickly. This was my second time through King of Pride as I had read the self-published version when it came out a few months ago. That should speak for itself that I am reading it again, only a few months apart from the last time I read it.
  • Romance: I alluded to it earlier but I feel the need to reiterate that Kai is just so hot. I particularly love the scenes where Isabella makes a very confident bet, loses and has to pay for it in one of the most deliciously possible ways. I loved how these two characters tended to just avoid each other and saw love as a complication. Then became each other biggest cheerleader, which I just love!

King of Pride receives five out of five stars.

You can pick up the story here.

Thank you again to Ana, Bloom, Raincoast, and NetGalley for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

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