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Allie Winters’ Let Go ARC Review

Thank you so much to Allie Winters for reaching out and providing me with an advance e-copy of her debut novel, Let Go.

Here is the Goodreads synopsis…

“She keeps her heart locked up tight

Putting yourself out there? Getting close to others? No, thanks, I’ll pass. It’s safer to keep to yourself. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. So when I accidentally tell the muscled hunk I’ve been secretly drooling over all semester how I really feel about him, it’s not like I meant for him to take an interest in me. I don’t want a boyfriend. Not even when it turns out he’s so much more than just brawn.

My goal for so long has been simple – get into grad school. And when I get a dream TA position at the beginning of the new semester that will help me achieve just that, I’ll have to forget about him now that he’s my student. Easy, right?

He wants her to let go of all that control

I can’t get her out of my head – the shy, sexy brunette that’s trying so hard to keep me at a distance. I can be patient, though. Anything to break through that reserve and get under her shields. But just when I thought I’ve succeeded, she’s off-limits. Say hello to my new TA. Even though I’m hot for teacher, there’s no way she would risk this opportunity. Right?”

Here are my more detailed thoughts…

  • Characters: Charlotte and Luke are the main characters. Charlotte was super relatable to girls like me. She’s a reader who is naturally quite shy, but the events of the story bring out her wilder side and it was amazing to see her come out of her shell.
  • Setting: The story takes place in a College in Florida. It has been awhile since i’ve read a college romance and it felt so nice to be back in a setting like that.
  • Pacing: I appreciated the way the book was naturally split up as monumental events occurred and caused natural breaks in the story.
  • Romance: I loved the love story between Charlotte and Luke. Honestly, elements of their romance reminded me of my boyfriend and I which made it very sweet and special for me.

Let Go receives four out of five stars.

Check out Allie’s website:

Thank you again to Allie Winters for the opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

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