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Process Post Week 7: Changes to Address SEO

This past week’s SEO lecture inspired me to make a few changes to entice Google through search engine optimization. The lecture also inspired me to look at what I was already doing right, and what I definitely need to continue to do.

I had not been using headers, nor had I thought to use headers in a sentence like format. So now as you read my latest reviews you can easily identify where my bullet point thoughts start, where you can get the purchase links, and where you can follow the author online. I made sure to format these subheadings into sentences.

My titles are already very specific to my content. I always include the author, the title, and what the post is doing. So when I write a review of an advance reader copy, I make sure to say in the title that it is an ARC Review. These are my keywords and I always repeat them in the opening line of my posts when I thank the PR company and author for the book they provided to me.

I have been breaking up my content since I started blogging. I found it useful to break my reviews down into bullet points (characters, setting, pacing, and romance) of what I deem important in a story. I also try to include a reasonable number of visuals to accompany the text heaviness of review writing. I am glad to hear these techniques are good for my search engine optimization and naturally I will continue to use them.

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