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Week 9 Process Post: Monetization and Advertising

After discussions that occurred this week, I decided to look into other ways to monetize my site. I made the choice to become an Amazon Associate. This means I can now get Amazon affiliate links, and I went this route because I am reviewing books that will primarily be bought on Amazon so why not place my monetization there rather than in banner ads that will distract from my content. When Monique spoke in class about her personal book review blog and how she uses affiliate links on it, it inspired me to test run them on mine.


I also tried my hand at creating an advertisement. I actually looked into my analytics a bit and noticed some viewership on this new series of posts that I started on my blog. The series is all about where to start if you are new to NA books, posts surrounding this topic appeared to be lacking online so I was happy to fill the void. I also noticed on my analytics that people are coming to my blog from Twitter. This does not surprise me as I have been doing most of my promotion on Twitter, and authors have been sharing my tweets with their audience, further increasing my viewership. So I created a mock-up for a Promoted Tweet…

I am already linking to my blog posts in multiple tweets a week on my twitter feed. I have been advertising on there since the very beginning, and I plan to continue doing so.

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