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Process Post Week 6: Creating a Corporate Backstory and More Exciting News

This past week’s guest speaker was John Burns of Echo Stories. Using lessons from his lecture I crafted my corporate backstory…

I have always been the type of reader who is mocked repeatedly for what they choose to read. Back in Elementary School I loved Twilight with a passion and was made fun of by other kids constantly for it. Throughout High School, I struggled to be open and honest about what I was reading due to being scorned in the past and the animosity in some online circles towards those reading Young Adult Literature, at the time. Then I discovered content creators on YouTube who were talking about Young Adult literature and about how much they loved it! I had discovered BookTube, and it changed my life. I began to no longer feel lesser than for what I choose to read, and some BookTubers were recommending New Adult literature. My first New Adult reads were books by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Colleen Hoover, and since then I have been hooked.

New Adult Literature as a genre is stereotyped as cheesy romance novels, bodice rippers, and is constantly overpowered by the genre’s most well-known book, Fifty Shades of Grey. Over the years I have come to terms with the fact that these are novels written by women, about women, for women. That reading these books helps me, it teaches me life lessons and how to emphasize with a variety of situations. From Tamara Webber’s Easy, which portrays the solidarity of women in the face of sexual assault, to Krista and Becca Ritchie‘s Addicted Series, which allows for the reader to gain a deeper understanding of how different addictions affect people and their family, and all the books in between the reader gains a more empathetic look on life.

After my tastes shifted away from BookTube, I found the places for New Adult readers. The blogosphere is where New Adult readers live and flourish. It is within Facebook Groups that New Adult readers all over the world gush about their favourite books daily, without fear of mockery or judgment. It breaks my heart every time I read in these groups about the readers who have to keep their reading habits a secret from their friends, or the authors who write under pseudonyms to avoid having family find out what they write about.

This brings me to why I started ClaryNathanWill. The majority of the world judges and stigmatizes the average lover of New Adult literature, so ClaryNathanWill is set up to be devoid of judgement and stigma. On ClaryNathanWill you can read what you want to and will never be mocked for it. Rather, ClaryNathanWill is instead a resource to you, offering reviews and recommendations. Along with offering a place of safety and security for any reader to express their thoughts. ClaryNathanWill is your opportunity to scream and shout from the rooftops about what you love to read, with no one permitted to drag you down.

In other exciting news, I had my very first email from an author looking to me specifically for a review. I was astounded by this and am eternally grateful to the author who reached out.

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