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    Peer Review #3: Millennial Speaks

    This week I will be reviewing Shar’s website, Millennial Speaks in which Shar dissects song lyrics, and has since expanded to posting about her 2 AM Thoughts and her own original songs. Business Plan and Monetization Shar’s apparent business plan is to bring enjoyment to her audience. I do not see anything that produces revenue for Shar on her website right now. I think there are options for monetization for Shar. She can always try advertising, I understand if she wants to avoid cluttering the website with ads, I feel the same way towards my website. It still is a legitimate option she could look at. Shar could also look…

  • Peer Reviews,  Pub 201,  SFU Publishing Minor

    Peer Review #2: Remy June

    I’ll be reviewing Remy’s website, Remy June. This peer review is supposed to focus on social media and the site’s online growth since the first peer review. Remy’s Social Media… Remy’s use of Instagram is perfect for the style of blog she has, travel. Remy has used her Instagram for many years to showcase her many travels and adventures. All the work she has done for years will pay off, as her Instagram already has major travel influencer vibes. Instagram is definitely the most relevant platform for Remy as writing about travel, lends itself to images of these places you can travel to. Remy does not link to her website…

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    Peer Review #1: LateNightAudrey

    I will be reviewing Audrey’s blog LateNightAudrey. Audrey is just at the beginning of her blogging journey. The blog is quite sparse, and I really do not understand what LateNightAudrey is? Her current posts read like Process Posts rather than Professional Posts that highlight her brand. When I dived deeper into Audrey’s About section Audrey mentions writing about her experience studying abroad in Scotland, and as more professional posts appear on her blog her brand will become more apparent. I get the vibe that Audrey is still building what exactly her brand is, and my tip for honing this would be to write and write and write. In my own…