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Pam Godwin’s Lessons in Sin ARC Review

Thank you to Pam Godwin and the Dangerous Press team for the advance reader copy of Lessons in Sin, which releases on June 29th.

I cannot contain my excitement for this book. For as long as I have been working with Dangerous Press I have known about Tinsley Constantine. Now it is finally time for her story and we could not have asked for a better set of tropes. The love interest is both her teacher, and a priest. OMG talk about taboo!

I am a member of Dangerous Press review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“There’s no absolution for the things I’ve done.
But I found a way to control my impulses.
I became a priest.

As Father Magnus Falke, I suppress my cravings. As the headteacher of a Catholic boarding school, I’m never tempted by a student.

Until Tinsley Constantine.

The bratty princess challenges my rules and awakens my dark nature. With each punishment I lash upon her, I want more. In my classroom, private rectory, and bent over my altar, I want all of her.

One touch risks everything I stand for. My faith. My redemption. And even my life.

As if that could stop me. I need her pain, and her heart, and she needs my lessons in sin.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Tinsley Constantine equal parts sub and dome. A woman with a heart of gold, but a tad of coldness from her mother the elusive Caroline Constantine. Tinsley maybe my fave Constantine yet! Magnus Falke is a mysterious character who I loved meeting and loved getting to know better over the course of the story. His past is dark but super interesting. He’s the alpha but in a good way. He is proof of how complicated a relationship with God can be. His character is such a great dive into shame, and how one reacts to the shame they carry. How one heals from it, and the choices they make to keep living with it under control.
  • Setting: The story is set in an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Maine. The setting is not one of glitz and glamour. Instead, it’s dorms, churches, classrooms, and offices. The setting brought a troop of girls with it. I did begin to like one of the girls but overall they were bitches. But that served this story, as Tinsley needed to have Magnus as her solace.
  • Pacing: The pacing I really enjoyed as many of the other Dangerous Press stories have been in trilogies. It was so nice to get a self-contained story. The ending did feel a bit rushed though.
  • Romance: This is an unconventional start to a romance for sure. You’ve got Tinsley the virgin and Magnus the priests who obviously has made a vow of celibacy. I loved how it was emphasized that neither of them felt this way before. This book is not for the faint of heart. Different scenes contain things like peeing and period blood. So enter at your own risk but if you are willing I’d give it a try. Despite the immense sexual tension, truly romantic love did blossom. That I could not help but root for them in the end.

Lessons in Sin receives five out of five stars.

You can pick up the story below…


Thank you again to Pam, Serena, and the rest of the Dangerous Press team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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