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Melanie Harlow’s Make Me Yours ARC Review

Thank you to Melanie Harlow and her team for the advance reader copy. Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for the blogger materials. Make me Yours, releases on November 23rd!

I am a member of Melanie Harlow’s Review Team, this does not affect the honesty and integrity of my review.

I am so excited for Mel’s next book. The characters Cole and Cheyenne were introduced in Drive Me Wild, so that is why they may be familiar to you. It was made abundantly clear that Cheyenne has always had a crush on Cole but is too scared to tell him. Those kinds of friends-to-lovers romances are so much fun so I am pumped!!

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“He’s my brother’s best friend.

The hot single dad next door.

And one accidental sext later, my massive crush on him is no longer a secret.

It’s my own damn fault. I’m thirty years old, for heaven’s sake. I’m a kindergarten teacher and a (reasonably) responsible adult. I should know better than to get tipsy and draft a fake text listing all the dirty things I wish Officer Cole Mitchell would do to me.

I wasn’t supposed to hit send.

He wasn’t supposed to see it.

And he definitely wasn’t supposed to text back telling me to go on . . .
Because after that, things escalate quickly.

Cole is everything I’ve ever wanted. He’s sexy and protective. A devoted father to his little girl. A dedicated cop the whole town adores. The kind of guy you can trust to keep his hands to himself, even when you’re desperately hoping he won’t.

I’m not the girl he thought he’d end up with, but after all this time, I might finally get the chance to say the words I’ve always dreamed of . . . make me yours.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Cole and Cheyenne are the main characters of this epic romance from Melanie Harlow. Cheyenne is the sister of Griffin from Drive me Wild, she is the kindergarten teacher of the local elementary school. Cheyenne is a wonderful protagonist. I really like how Melanie formulated Cole’s character. He is a single dad, widowed upon the birth of his daughter. I really liked the way Melanie depicted him as he struggled years later with the loss of his first wife and his reluctance to seek help for it and how that affected all aspects of his life. It was a great depiction of how seeking mental health treatment needs to be destigmatized for men.
  • Pacing: This is Melanie’s longest story yet and I was so grateful for that little bit of extra time with Cole and Cheyenne. The pacing was really effective as really allowed the reader the time to understand not only the ins and outs of Cole and Cheyenne but the importance of each side character. The importance of Blair as Cheyenne’s best friends and Cole’s squad with Griffin and the other boys. And of course just how important the role of Cole and Cheyenne’s mothers were to the story.
  • Setting: Bellamy Creek is a wonderful setting. The small town feel is always appreciated and something Melanie just does extremely well. I also loved that we got to go back to Cloverleigh farms for Blair and Griffin’s wedding. I love any excuse to go back to Cloverleigh and see some of the Sawyer sisters again.
  • Romance: Cheyenne has had a crush on Cole since she was a teen. She openly admits that she cried on his wedding day, when he married his now deceased wife. She has struggled in dating since because no man ever could stand up against her feelings for Cole. While Cole on the other hand has put in so much effort to ensure he never falls in love again. The poor little muffin was scared to and had written himself off as someone who would remain a single pringle for the rest of his life. For someone like Cheyenne to come into his life at the moment he needed her and to show him that it is worth taking the risk to fall head first into love. Another absolutely stellar couple from Melanie, honestly one of her best yet!

Make Me Yours receives five out of five stars.

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