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Nicole Williams’ Fool Me Once ARC Review

I want to thank Nicole Williams for placing me on her ARC team and for providing me with an ARC of Fool Me Once.

From Goodreads: “Second chances are for kids, diets, and shelter pets—not for relationships. Especially not one like Chase and Emma’s. 

Before he was writing chart-topping hits and smashing record sales, Chase Lawson was Emma’s childhood friend and first love. They promised each other forever, but forever expired at eighteen, when he landed a major record deal and left Emma and their hometown behind.

Ten years later, he shows up at their high school reunion with a proposition she can’t refuse. Six months. Seven figures. He gets a chance to clean up his reputation, and she gets the means to restore the old family farmhouse. It’s only for show—hold hands in public, kiss for the cameras—but boundaries blur behind closed doors.

It isn’t long before Emma feels her resolve
slipping, crushed by the shadow of the boy she grew to love in the man selling out stadiums of present. Can Emma resist one of the most irresistible bachelors in the world? Or will she fall for the same man twice?”

Now to go more in depth on the most important components in my opinion…

  • Characters: Emma and Chase were the main protagonists of this story. Emma is the perpetually single friend among a group of friends that have already figured their love lives out (way too relatable for me). Chase broke her heart when he left their small town to pursue a record deal, consequently breaking it off with Emma. Chase surprised me as he was not the stereotypical music superstar character one sees portrayed in other NA books, he kept more of his down to earth, small-town roots compared to previous famous characters that I have encountered.
  • Setting: The book setting changes frequently as the characters are on tour. I absolutely love books that feature tours as you get so many different settings that tend to all be super enjoyable.
  • Pacing: Nicole struck the right balance for how fast the characters were establishing the previous rhythm they had.
  • Romance: This book had a wonderful romantic storyline as Emma grew more open about giving Chase a second chance, while Chase was working so incredibly hard not to lose the girl again.

Want a fun quick read NA read you should pick up Fool Me Once, I give Fool Me Once four out of five stars.

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Thanks again to Nicole Williams and thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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