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Lauren Blakely’s The Virgin Scorecard ARC Review

Thank you to Lauren Blakley and her team for the advance reader copy of The Virgin Scorecard, a collection of novellas set in the Rules of Love world.

To cap off an amazing year of Lauren Blakely releases, we have a collection of stories set in the world of the Rules of Love books.

I am a member of Lauren Blakley’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

Mr. Right Now…

I’ve got a problem. After a dozen failed dates – but who’s counting – I’m done hunting for Mr. Right. I’m more than ready to cash in my V-card, and at this point I’ll gladly hand it over to Mr. Right Now. When I go out with my friends for a night on the town, I bump into the perfect candidate. A guy from my past who kissed like a dream but took off before we could say goodbye. The swoony, charming pro athlete is back in the city and he’s as ready to help me with my project as he is to win baseball games. The next morning, I’m deliciously satisfied and I know I’ve chosen wisely. But when he leaves again, I can’t stop wondering — what if Mr. Right Now is actually Mr. Right? And how do I get him back?

Captain Romance…

I don’t have luck on my side when it comes to romance. That’s why I’m laser focused on my career as a sports reporter and making a mark as a woman in this tough field.
When one of the city’s baseball stars asks me to spend a night on the town, I have to draw the line. Just friends, I say.
He’s good with that.
Very good with that.
So good that I start falling for my new friend.
Of all the swoony, charming, thoughtful men in this big city, why is the one I want thoroughly off-limits? But if I want a chance with the guy they call Captain Romance, I’m going to have to put more than my heart on the line.

This collection also includes Kiss Your Tulips, Limo Bang, and DogFishing, three stories set in the Rules of Love world.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

Mr. Right NowShane is a British baseball player who has just been traded to San Francisco. He leaves New York City in the dust and is ready for a fresh start. The heroine is Clementine and she has a really rough track record of making it past the fifth date. Shane and Clem dated back in high school, and so now that he is back in San Fran the opportunity for a second chance arises. It was wonderful to see these two reunite and they were lots of fun. 4 stars.

Captain Romance: Sullivan is a baseball player and romance novel fanatic. He has a thing for Erin, one of the reporters that cover the team. What starts as cute friendship dates around the city cascades into something undeniable. 4 stars.

Kiss Your Tulips: This short story is about Frankie and Drew. Just by happenstance Drew enters a flower shop to buy a bouquet for a friend and is immediately taken by the florist Frankie. This story was just so damn adorable. 4 stars.

Limo BangThis was my fave short of the collection. Marlow and Hudson own rival baseball teams in San Francisco and they have such hot chemistry. What starts as a lover’s tryst, hooking up in limos hence the title turns into something more. I love how this story was teased throughout the other stories. I would have loved a full-length story about these two. 4 stars.

DogFishing: The final short and sweet story features Lauren’s first forary into F/F. Nova and Matilda meet at Matilda’s bar and just click. This is another couple I would have loved at least a long short story about. 4 stars.

The Virgin Scorecard receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Lauren Blakely and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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