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Lauren Blakely’s Thanks for Last Night ARC Review

Thank you to Lauren Blakely and Candi Kane PR for the advance reader copy of Thanks For Last Night, the third standalone in The Guys Who Got Away series. Just so you all know, I am a member of Lauren’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

What can I say besides the fact that Lauren’s The Guys Who Got Away series has been made up of stories you can not help but devour and Thanks for Last Night definitely fit that mold. I read it quickly and fell for it hard.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

A sexy new friends-to-lovers standalone!

Let me list the reasons why dating a sexy, charming, pro hockey star is a bad idea:
1. He’s one of my closest friends
2. All our friends are friends
3. The wounds I’ve got from past relationships go deep. And so do his.

We’re both devoutly single — it’s just safer for the heart that way. But there’s no reason not to bid on the gorgeous, clever athlete at the charity auction this weekend. If I win, it’ll be a friendsdate.

And I do win.

I win him big.

And hard.

And all night long.

The trouble is . . . what happens in the morning?”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Ransom North and Teagan King are the main characters of this friends-to-lovers story. Teagan is a social media strategist who describes herself as “happy-go-lucky”, she begins the story as happy as a clam, content to remain single rather than swim through the scary waters of New York City dating in her thirties. Ransom is a hockey player and he has decided “love sucks, so save yourself a world of hurt and avoid it at all costs.” The two of them are members of the friend group this series is centred on including Dean and Fitz (A Guy Walks Into My Bar), Bryn and Logan (The What If Guy), Summer and Oliver (Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend).
  • Setting: New York City is the setting for the story. It lends itself nicely in this one due to the sports connection Ransom brings. Being in New York Ransom is able to be frenemies with the Baseball players and the way they butt heads was so funny.
  • Pacing: This book was going to receive four stars until Lauren Blakely shocked me with how she handled the pacing at the end. I do not want to disclose too much for spoiler’s sake so all I will say is she gave her loyal readers a big treat with how she changed up the point of views at the end. I am also such a sucker for how she will end with an epilogue and then another one and maybe even another one. It comes across that she is not ready to let go of her characters yet and totally feeds me to feel the exact same way.
  • Romance: Ransom and Teagan are your classic friends to lovers romance. They both obviously have feelings for the other but have convinced themselves that it would never work out. They put the importance of their friendship ahead of any potential romantic relationship. They let themselves go for it one night and their chemistry is electric. Their entire friend group is encouraging them the whole story and all their kind words and desperate attempts were adorable to read about. This book really celebrates the importance of friendships, your found family and the impact they have on your life.

Thanks For Last Night receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Lauren Blakely and Candi Kane PR for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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