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Kylie Scott’s Pause ARC Review

Thank you to Kylie Scott and Valentine PR for the advance reader copy of Pause. This story releases on July 13th!

I have always adored Kylie Scott’s work so I jumped at the chance for a review copy!

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“When Anna wakes up from a coma after a car crash, she discovers life has gone on without her. Her husband has been unfaithful—with her best friend—and she’s been long since replaced at work. While her old life is a distant memory, her new life feels like an empty shell. Then she meets the stranger who saved her life during the crash, and he changes everything.

Leif Larsen—tattooist, joker, and player—has his own scars thanks to the crash that put Anna in a coma. Helping her move on from her failed marriage, and create a new life, sounds like a perfect distraction. So when he needs a new roommate, he invites Anna to begin her new life with him.

Although their lives may have been put on pause, together they just might find a way to heal.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Leif and Anna were both in a major accident. Leif was left with a badly damaged arm. While Anna ended up in a coma for seventh months. Leif read to Anna in the hospital. Talk about an interesting way to meet. Anna’s life has literally been on pause for the last seventh months. Her job, her husband, her friends; everything is in disarray. Leif is a tatoo artist, quieter guy.
  • Setting: The story was set in Portland. It was not anything special, honestly a bit more could have been done with the setting. It operated more as just an other city in America.
  • Pacing: The story progressed quite well. Nothing too fast and nothing too slow.
  • Romance: I loved getting to read about Anna and Lief, and how they slowly and beautifully fell for each other. Leif was just such a wonderful guy for her. The ex never spent the time with her, cared for her or supported her like Leif does. The relationship was sexual first but every romance reader knows things never stay just sexual. Anna realize slowly the depth of her feelings, through feeling jealous. This was a story of two people releasing the latch on their hearts and letting each other in.

Pause receives four out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Kylie and the Valentine PR team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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