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Kim Hartfield’s Flipcup ARC Review

Thank you to Kim Hartfield, Sarina Bowen, Jenn Gaffney, and the team at the World of True North for the advance reader copy of Flipcup, the seventh story in the Vino & Veritas series.

This is the first Vino & Veritas story about a lesbian couple. And it happens to be the first F/F adult story I have read in quite awhile.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“After being rejected one too many times, Chelsea makes a bold vow: No more men. Her friends doubt a boy-crazy party girl can handle not dating for a year, but that only makes Chelsea more determined.

Tara has made a vow, too. After growing up in foster care and suppressing herself to please others, she’s going to live her truth. When she sees a beautiful woman, she’ll make her attraction known.

Chelsea appreciates Tara’s flirtatious compliments, not to mention her androgynous beauty. There’s a loophole in Chelsea’s vow, and it’s more tempting every day. Could swearing off men lead Chelsea to the perfect woman?”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Tara and Chelsea are the main characters of this story. Chelsea can’t help but hook up with a new guy every night and she decides in the story’s opening that she is swearing off men. The boy crazy Chelsea is a bit of a self-centred airhead, but also passionate and loyal. Chelsea is a beer distributor who services Vino & Veritas which is how she meets Tara. Tara is the newest V&V hire and is an out-of-townie from Boston. She moved to start fresh after a rough past, as she is a former foster kid. Tara is such a big flirt and she cannot help but flirt with Chelsea even if she’s straight. Chelsea’s friends play a huge role in the story too. The group is eclectic from a virgin to a relationship craver, to a serial dater. Chelsea’s friends force her to keep it real and they can be brutally honest, the medicine that often Chelsea needs.
  • Setting: Burlington, Vermont is the setting of the story. Chelsea has lived her all her life and really likes it. She works in the beer distribution industry so working in Burlington means she services the wine bar side of V&V and the Gin Mill. Love a little Sarina Bowen reference.
  • Pacing: The story was paced pretty well and I for sure wanted to keep reading. I think many aspects of the relationship were paced a little too fast in some areas but way too slow in others.
  • Romance: I did not fully buy into this romance like I have some of the others simply because Tara and Chelsea weren’t my kinds of girls. Chelsea’s flaws were things that did not outweigh her best qualities. While Tara had major issues with opening up to Tara and earlier in the story she was better at it. It really broke down in the latter half. Tara was very nervous about being vulnerable with Chelsea. Chelsea had never felt any feelings towards a woman before, so there is a slight coming-out element to the story too. Tara’s nerves are fed by this, and to an extent, Chelsea feels the same. They did have electric chemistry and I was so happy they stumbled into this relationship.

Flipcup receives three out of five stars.

You can pick up the story below…

Thank you again to Kim, Sarina, Jenn, and the rest of the team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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