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Fiona Cole’s Teacher ARC Review

Thank you to Fiona Cole and the team at Foreword PR for the advance reader copy of Teacher, the final standalone in the Voyeur world.

This Voyeur series means the world to me. I have loved these books so much. It was so rewarding to have Fiona write such a beautiful final installment. My fave in the series will always be Voyeur, but Teacher is a close second.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis below…

I promised her that I’d live my best life once I was free.

It was that promise that led me to Voyeur — to Daniel.

What better place to conquer my fear of intimacy than a club that allows you to watch?

Who better to help me than the owner himself?

On night one, my past comes roaring back, urging me to run like I always had before.

This time I ran into his arms.

With my fear still clinging to my skin, he brushed it away and made his own promise.

“I’ll teach you.”

His promise turns to friendship. A friendship turns to passion.

We didn’t know what to do with that passion — between the not-so-broken girl and the man who promised to never love again.

Daniel and I started because of a promise, and I hoped that we wouldn’t end because of one too.

Teacher is Daniel and Hanna’s steamy, tension-filled, friends-to-lovers standalone romance. The last book in the bestselling Voyeur series. Are you ready to watch?

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Hanna and Daniel are characters that I have been waiting to be in the head of for awhile. Daniel has existed since the first book in this series, and as one of the masterminds behind Voyeur, I always wanted to know more about him. Hanna introduced more recently also intrigued me. Readers of the other books will know she was kidnapped, a traumatic experience that left her quite shaken. I was super interested to see how Fiona would tackle Hanna and her trauma. And of course, Fiona wrote a Hanna who spent the course of the novel rediscovering her already existing strength and bravery.
  • Setting: Cincinnati is the city this story takes place in. What makes it special is how all of our fave characters live in it. Hanna would jump between going to Voyeur and Voy to see many familiar faces.
  • Pacing: The story is paced extremely well. I do find Fiona’s books on the quicker side but that has a lot to do with how much I want to engulf them.
  • Romance: Phenomenal romance from Fiona again, when is it not. These two went from friends to lovers in the sweetest and genuine ways while also keeping sexual tension and exploits at just the right amount. It was so rewarding to read two of Fiona’s most deserving characters fall in love. Who doesn’t love the tropes Fiona gave us in this, it’s an age gap and the female protagonist enlists the male to be her teacher in all things romance.

Teacher receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Fiona and Foreword PR. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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