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Katee Robert’s Queen Takes Rose ARC Review

Thank you to Katee Robert for the advance reader copy of Queen Takes Rose, the sixth and final standalone in the Wicked Villains series. This book releases on November 10th!

This is my first time getting to read an ARC for Katee Robert. I really got into her books over the summer. This Wicked Villains series specifically blew me away. I had always wanted to satisfy the part of me that wanted a more mature fairy re-telling and these did that for me and so much more.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“Once upon a time I made a deal with the devil. It turns out I like playing in the dark. Over the years, I’ve become someone I’m proud of, someone dangerous.

I’ll never be as dangerous as Malone, though. She’s one of the most feared leaders in Carver City, and her reputation is more than earned. Years ago, we had a single night together and she’s ignored me ever since.

Imagine my surprise to discover she’s scheduled me for the final two weeks of my contract. Maybe I should be afraid. Everyone else fears Malone. Instead, all I feel is anticipation. It’s time to balance the scales, once and for all.

The villains aren’t the only ones in Carver City a person should be wary of crossing.

Sometimes the prettiest flower hides the deadliest poison…”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Aurora and Malone are the main characters of this final installment. Aurora is naturally modelled after Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Katee Robert depicts her as a woman of colour, and her character has been present since close to the beginning. I have wanted to be in her head for so long. She was the character I felt like I connected with the most, as we seem on the same level of things. Both of us are more on the fully submissive side of things unlike some of the girls who have been switch or dominant. Malone in contrast is the domme for sure. She’s modelled after Maleficent. She has been a more mysterious character to me. Having appeared in some scenes I was really looking forward to getting to understand her better.
  • Setting: Carver City is the setting. It is the fictionalized city that houses all the different regions the villains are in charge of. Malone is one of these area leaders, a queen in her own right. I was disappointed that this story spent no time in the Underworld, Hades’ BDSM club. It has been one of my favourite settings of this series and I wanted one last epic scene there.
  • Romance: The rest of the series featured MF relationships and different combos of triads including MMF and MFF. I don’t tend to read FF so Aurora and Malone’s story was a different read for me. I got invested in seeing just how these two would make it all work. They both have complicated pasts, and in order to come together they needed to work that out. I had wished they had done it slightly sooner. What Katee kills in every relationship are the sex scenes. They have a chemistry that is electric, from every touch to every kiss. I wanted to see them play a bit with others but oh well it isn’t like I’ve gotten to see that over the course of the series. If you haven’t picked up this series yet you have to it starts with a retelling of Jasmine and Jafar in Desperate Measures. Just let yourself be swept up by these naughty erotica fairy tales.

Queen Takes Rose receives four out of five stars.

Thank you again to Katee Robert for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! Stay safe everyone.

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