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Giana Darling’s King of Iron Hearts ARC Review

Thank you so much to Giana Darling and the team at Candi Kane PR for the advance reader copy of Giana’s poetry collection King of Iron Hearts.

In anticipation of After the Fall, I was excited to delve into the poetry genre, something I do not do very often.

Check out the synopsis below…

“The King of Iron Hearts
Is a fable now 
A tale they tell children 
About a man made of metal
Whose heart burned so boldly 
It melted him from the inside out 
This is a book about a man who feels too much and the woman who loves him. Divided into four parts, it explores the journey he takes from a young man with a wild, restless soul that yearns for something more to the wise man who understands the intricacies of love and loss. The last part shifts to the point of view of his woman to witness their love story from both angles.”

I usually spend the next chunk of the review talking about my thoughts on the characters, settings, and the romance present in this story. That breakdown does not work for a book of poetry really. I can talk about these characters, who I am so excited to return to. If you have not previously read Lessons in Corruption, you must because for me it made this book more enjoyable than I found poetry previously. I am not a fan of poetry, I can get behind something like Ellen Hopkins’ free verse stories but a book of straight poetry is hard for me to commit to. Because I am already so invested in King and Cressida’s love story. The way in which King describes through his words just how much he loves his queen was beautiful. Did I find this poetry book worth my while, It was a quick read and if you love these characters I would totally recommend reading it while waiting for After the Fall. If you are not a poetry fan, wholeheartedly invested in this love, or a fast reader this may not be worth your time.

I give King of Iron Hearts three out of five stars.

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Thank you to Gianna and the team at Candi Kane PR for the review copy.

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