Elsie Silver’s Reckless Review

Thank you to Elsie Silver, Bloom, NetGalley, and Raincoast for the Bloom re-release edition of Reckless.

We have reached the moment of my Chestnut Springs re-read that I have been waiting for! I was so excited to revisit the instalment that was my favourite the first time through. Of course, it remains so on my second, in which I just let myself read this in one sitting on Sunday morning and it is just so damn perfect.

He’s scorching-hot trouble wrapped up in a drool-worthy package. And he’s looking at her like she might be his next meal. Theo Silva. Rowdy bull rider. Notorious ladies’ man. Winter Hamilton knows exactly what it means when he eyes her like that. But she’s almost free of her toxic marriage and has sworn off men entirely. So all she sees when she looks back at Theo is temptation served up with a heaping side of heartbreak. The man is hard to trust―but, it turns out, even harder to resist. Make that impossible. Because Theo is persistent. And no matter how hard Winter tries to freeze him out, he melts her icy exterior and pulls apart all her defenses. Over a drink in a small-town bar, she finds herself blurting out her deepest, darkest secrets. Then, she spends the singular hottest night of her life with the man she never thought she’d say yes to. He worships her body. He makes her blush. She comes alive beneath his hands. Then she tells him to forget it ever happened. She wants simple, and with him it all feels complicated. It was supposed to be a one-time thing. A secret. But that little plus sign is going to make this secret impossible to keep.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: How on earth can I even put into words how much I love Winter and Theo? Winter, was a character I remember being so excited to see have her own story. Throughout my re-read, I have been looking forward to being in her mind again. She is one of my favourite characters in this series, how she went from somewhat of a villain, to this girl in need of this found family. I am so glad she found it with Theo! He is definitely the most gentlemanly guy in Chestnut Springs. It is hard not to fall in love with him and how he loves his daughter and Winter with his whole heart.
  • Setting: This story primarily takes place on the same road in Chestnut Springs, where Theo and Winter have conveniently ended up as next-door neighbours. Don’t worry there are still some key scenes at the Wishing Well, including my favourite Eaton family dinner with a “my wife” reference!
  • Pacing: I remember flying through the book on my first time through, my second I re-read it on a Sunday morning in one sitting. I woke up, grabbed the book and just read for a few glorious hours. That is how easy this book, these characters, and this relationship is to escape into.
  • Romance: Winter and Theo are the best Chestnut Springs couple! Elsie convinced me to love a trope that is often so hard to execute. From the early chapters, their chemistry is obvious and once they have a child it all but intensifies. The love feels so epic in this one. The spice and the steam are really great too, from the scene in the gym to the scene at the wedding, I just ate it all up. I cannot speak enough about how much I love this book, and how it is not just my favourite book in the series but one of my favourites I have read this year.

Reckless receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Elsie and Raincoast for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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