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Willa Nash’s The Brawl ARC Review

Thank you to Willa Nash and her entire team for the advance reader copy of The Brawl, the fifth Calamity Montana book.

I am excited to be finally getting Larke’s story. You’ll remember Larke as Kerrigan’s sister (The Brazen). I am interested to see her fall for a stranger who seems to fall in love with Calamity just as we readers did.

I am a member of Willa Nash’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

“On Ronan Thatcher’s first week in Montana, he spots the most beautiful woman in the world. Love at first sight? Nah. He doesn’t believe in love. But he wouldn’t mind a date or two with the local beauty. Ronan is the type of man who gets what he wants, and he wants Larke Hale.

Except Calamity’s sweetheart has sworn off men. The last time Ronan was rejected was, well . . . never. Yet Larke dismisses him without batting those pretty brown eyes.

Bruised ego in check, he decides to walk away. But then a teenager marches into his office asking to hire Ronan as her lawyer. Something about a bad grade and a ruined grade point average that will inevitably destroy her future. He’s about to lecture the kid for being melodramatic until he learns that the teacher she wants to sue is Larke.

Suddenly this frivolous lawsuit seems like a bright idea. Ronan wants Larke’s attention, and this is guaranteed to snag it. So let the brawl begin.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Our lead characters are hot-shot California lawyer Ronan and single-mom school teacher Kerrigan. Ronan just moved to Montana and I love how quickly he was sticking out like a sore thumb. He is sweet and willing to help. Quite quickly you will see he is incredibly persistent and has some surprises up his sleeve. Larke is Kerrigan’s sister (you may remember her from two instalments back). and she has a sixteen-month-old daughter named Wren. Our story opens with Kerrigan shuffled from her fifth-grade class to a group of high-schoolers instead. Larke is in an interesting place in her life, she is torn between “the Larke of two years ago” and the future she is building for herself and her daughter. Wren’s dad is a bit of a mystery, and everything surrounding it is an even bigger mystery.
  • Setting: Our story is set in Calamity. Calamity is a small town and with it brings the small-time rumour mill. Rumours running wild is a bit of a plot thread throughout this story.
  • Pacing: The story flew by quite nicely. I loved the side plot that had Ronan setting up his law practice and trying to gain the respect of people around town as an outsider. I enjoyed the book as Ronan’s dynamic with Wren and how the two of them really hit it off.
  • Romance: This romance was adorable and endearing. Their story starts with Ronan setting his sights on Larke, he sees her right away for who she is. The kind and caring mother who deserves the kind of all-encompassing love. I loved that once they came together, they could not really stop. The most beautiful part of this romance was seeing Larke and Ronan build and strengthen a family together. Not just Wren growing closer to Ronan, but Ronan’s place in the community.

The Brawl receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Devney and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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