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Process Post Week 4: Behind the Scenes of my Promotional Video

This week we were assigned to do a promotional video. The most rewarding part of the process for me was the editing process. I actually used to make YouTube videos years ago, so I knew my way around iMovie. It was so much fun splitting and splicing video clips and audio clips together just like I used to do.

I chose to screen record my blog to show off everything I discussed in the audio recording. I was able to perfectly time scrolling through my reviews while saying the names of the authors out loud. I recorded the audio in Garageband on an external microphone to ensure for the best audio quality possible.

For the content of the video I focused on what new adult literature is (for those new to the genre who discover my blog), the authors I have reviewed, and the special segments I do (Are You New to NA? and Author Spotlight).

I chose to add my promotional video to my homepage by including it in the right side bar at the very top. This makes the video accessible without having it be an annoying pop up or having it be a pinned post. I would rather have my newest content at the top as that is what always does best in any given week according to my analytics.

This process got me to really hone in on what I am building here and how to present that to others.

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