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Week 7 Process Post: My Struggle with Monetization

After discussion from tutorial, whether or not to monetize is on my mind. I am torn between whether or not I should run ads on my blog.

On one hand, a little extra money never hurt anyone. I remember from my short stint on YouTube how satisfying it was to earn the 10 cents that I did (I have never received a cheque though, you need to make at least a dollar for that). I am a Starbucks barista and I live in one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

As someone who consumed other blogs for years, I reaped the benefits of the blogs that I read did not run ads. I was able to take in the content undisturbed because who likes seeing advertisements.

When I look at the common practices of other NA book blogs and the community as a whole, there is a bias against ads. Aestas Book Blog is a pinnacle in the community and she refuses to run ads. She outlines her reasons in her about section, but she believes it threatens the integrity of the reviews.

I am leaning towards not running ads. I am lucky enough to receive ARCs from InkSlingerPR and Social Butterfly PR, opportunities that I am grateful for. I want to honour the community I love, and the policy is overwhelmingly anti-ad.

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