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Process Post Week 8: Examining How I Address Sponsored Posts

This past week we had a discussion surrounding content marketing versus editorials versus advertising. This discussion made me think about how I accredit my sponsored content.

Since I started my blog I have mentioned at the beginning of every post where I got any graphics, teasers, and advance reader copies from. I did this based on other book reviewers I have encountered, as they will always mention if and when they receive an early copy for review. I saw this practice being used on other blogs, on Goodreads reviews, and in the descriptions of YouTube video reviews.

As someone who read reviews for years before delving into reviewing myself, I already was aware of the importance and being straightforward when you are reviewing an advance reader copy. I can remember when reviewers would get in trouble for not crediting the fact that they received an advance reader company. Not only that but it can discredit you, your opinions look bought if you do not address that your content is sponsored and that recieving the book for free in no way effected the reviw.

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