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Sophie Lark’s Savage Lover ARC Review

Thank you to Sophie Lark, Raincoast, and Bloom Books for the advance reader copy of Savage Lover, the third book in the Brutal Birthright series.

I have been loving this series, as we hit halfway Aida and Callum remain my favourites but I loved the wild ride that Camille and Nero took me on.

“Two people who believe they’re unworthy of love… until they meet each other.

Camille Rivera is drowning. Her father’s sick, her brother’s in deep with a dirty cop, and her mechanic shop is failing.

Nero Gallo is the neighborhood psychopath. As vicious as he is gorgeous, Camille has watched him burn through every girl in a ten-mile radius, breaking hearts and never, ever getting attached.

Which is why she can’t believe it when Nero saves her from a seriously sticky situation. They’ve lived next to each other all their lives — is it possible she never really knew him at all?

Camille is about to learn that the only thing more dangerous than trusting Nero is falling for him.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: I adored Camille, she’s incredibly loyal almost to a fault. Hence, she gets caught up in some nasty things to defend her brother. She contrasts so well with Nero, who was originally the Gallo sibling I was least interested in. I was totally surprised at how quickly I got attached to him and wanted him to succeed, get the girl and get the money! I am not a car-obsessed person but if you are a car girlie, you are going to love this book even more.
  • Setting: The story is set in Chicago and features a large cast of mafia families. This is the least mafia-centric of the stories so far. I did miss the dynamics of the larger family, but at the same time, it really felt like we got our characters on a deeper level. Even something as simple as Nero spent a decent amount of time with Sebastian, so I feel like I know another one of Aida’s brothers a bit better. This book is not about mafia politics though so if you read this series for that you may be slightly disappointed.
  • Pacing: I find these stories just so damn easy to devour. I could have read it in one setting if time had permitted instead, I had to sneak pages throughout the day whenever I could.
  • Romance: Camille and Nero are opposites that attracted so damn well. Plus, they were just so damn hot together. But this instalment felt like the slowest of slow burn of any of Sophie Lark’s books I have read yet. It was lovely to get so much time for this relationship to develop, but sadly I did feel like the romantic scenes do suffer as there are not enough pages left for some more sexy times.

Savage Lover receives four out of five stars.

You can pick up the story below…

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Thank you again to Sophie, Raincoast, and Bloom for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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