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Melanie Harlow’s Tempt ARC Review

Thank you to Melanie Harlow and her team for the advance reader copy of Tempt, the next novel in the Cloverleigh Farm series.

Omg Melanie these tropes are to die for! This is one of my favourite series and I was over the moon to read a falling in love with your ex’s dad romance.

I am a Melanie Harlow review team member, but I remain honest and genuine in my reviews.

You’ve heard the story about the wedding planner who falls for the groom?
Well, this is the one where she falls for his father.
And that groom? He’s my ex.

I didn’t realize who the gruff, gorgeous older man was the night he rescued me from a creep in a Manhattan hotel bar. All I knew was that a hot, bearded stranger with a protective streak showed up right when I needed a reminder that real gentlemen still exist.

(Although he left his manners behind after asking me up to his room.)

It was the hottest night of my life, but I never thought I’d see the former Navy SEAL again.

Imagine my surprise at the rehearsal dinner one week later, when my sexy one-night stand is introduced as the father of the groom. Even more surprising? That temptation we felt in New York was no fluke.

In public, we pretend there’s nothing between us.

In private, we can’t keep our hands off each other.

The situation is beyond complicated. Zach never even knew he’d fathered a child until recently, and he wants to earn his son’s trust and respect. As for me, I’m looking for a man who wants to start a family, and Zach has made it clear he’s not that man. He’s fifteen years older, newly divorced, and he lives across the country.

But no matter how many times we draw the line, we keep crossing it.

Nothing so wrong should ever feel so right.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Millie is our final MacAllister sister protagonist! It feels like the end of an era for these gals, but I really hope Mel keeps writing in this world I love so much. This character is such awesome plus-size representation. We meet Millie really struggling with dating, seemingly every man she dates finds the love of his life once he ends things with Millie. The best part as always was getting to enjoy the sibling dynamics with Winnie and Felicity. Our leading man is Zach, a former Navy Seal who now works for a private security company. Now here is something really cute, if you are a fan of Melanie Harlow’s bestie Corinne Michaels’s books then you will love the cameos and easter eggs. Zach doesn’t just work for any private security company, hehe. I loved Zach, he was a blend of charming and protective.
  • Setting: I am always happy to be in Cloverleigh Farms, it was especially fun to be there for a dreamy Cloverleigh wedding run by Millie. What was different about this book is we got to see our couple in a few other settings. I loved that the story opened up in New York City, with such a hot hotel hookup. Then we follow Millie and Zach throughout their long-distance hookups all over the US.
  • Pacing: This book was a really great length. I was slightly worried that the ending would be rushed because Melanie gave the middle, and subsequently the relationship so much time to grow just in secret. But Melanie always succeeds in delivering a satisfactory ending.
  • Romance: Omg this book is super hot. Their first hookup, the tryst in the New York hotel room I alluded to earlier is smoking and really sets the tone for these characters both in and out of the bedroom. Zach may be one of Melanie’s most dirty-talking and dominant characters yet. Longtime fans of Melanie will be excited to hear he gave me Lucas from Frenched vibes. This romance was easy to emotionally invest in too. Millie and Zach were both so deserving of finding life-long love and having the opportunity to build a family together.

Tempt receives five out of five stars.

You can pick up the story here.

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Thank you again to Mel and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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