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Jade West’s Soulless ARC Review

Thank you to Jade West and Serena and the Dangerous Press team for the advance reader copy of Soulless, the second installment in the Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy. Soulless is out on December 8th!

If any of you have read Heartless, then you will understand the anticipation that abounded for the sequel! It was so satisfying after all the build-up in the first book to see these two finally truly fall in love.

I am a member of the Dangerous Press’ Review Team, this does not affect the honesty and integrity of my review.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“Lucian Morelli always takes what he wants. And now he’s taken me. The man who’s haunted my steps from the moment we met at the ball now controls my every move in his hideaway. His dark eyes miss nothing, and he seeks out all my weak spots. He uses his fingers, his wicked tongue, his sharp mind. Searching, testing, looking for the side of me I’ve hidden away for so long.

He’s relentless in his pursuit of my secrets, but I manage to discover some of his own. I’m not the only one hiding, not the only one marred by my past. And when he sees me, truly sees me, for the first time in as long as I can remember—I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of this monster, my monster. I want him to hurt me, to break me, to put me back together, and above all, I want him to love me.

A love as fiery as it is destructive, one that will scorch our families and maybe, just maybe, set us both free.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • This is a sequel so I do not want to tell you too much to keep the spoilers to a minimum so my review may seem short and sweet. But really you need to pick up Heartless if you haven’t and if you have already read it then you do not need me to convince you to read Soulless.
  • Characters: Elaine and Lucian are the main characters of the Starcrossed Lovers series. This sequel actually had a lot of character development for both of them. Their individual development was quite tied to them figuring out their feelings for each other and giving in to trusting each other. Elaine especially when she opened up about her past to Lucian, so important to her development.
  • Pacing: I read this sequel extremely fast, like in one sitting. I was so excited about it so I just engulfed it.
  • Setting: The story had been set in New York, but it starts with Lucian whisking Elaine away from the city. It is a greater metaphor almost that Lucian was letting Elaine into his inner sanctum.
  • Romance: This is the book Elaine and Lucian really decide to say f*ck it to their families. They really have some meaningful talks and their lustful relationship begins to be a romantic one. I cannot wait for what the third book may hold, I am hoping they storm the town and their families will have to come to terms with these star-crossed lovers.

Soulless receives four out of five stars.

You can pick up the story below…


Thank you again to Jade West and the Dangerous Press team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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