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J.E. Birk’s Booklover ARC Review

Thank you to J.E. Birk, Sarina Bowen, Jenn Gaffney, and the team at the World of True North for the advance reader copy of Booklover, the sixth story in the Vino & Veritas series.

Another awesome release in the Vino & Veritas series! And this time we are getting the biggest troop of book lovers who accompany our main characters in a book club. Because what is a bookstore if not a perfect place to start a book club!

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

Two guys meet over a stack of romance novels. Soon they’re turning pages late into the night…

Jamie Morin’s college GPA drops every time a cow breaks through a fence, but he’s determined to get his degree and keep his parents’ Vermont dairy farm afloat. He’d rather be reading than milking, but he can’t let his family down…not the way his brother did. So the last thing he needs is distraction in the form of an irresistible bookseller with a mysterious backstory.

Briar Nord has a lifetime of experience proving that happily-ever-afters only happen in his favorite books. But his luck might be changing. He’s got a great job at a bookstore, and he lives in a city that puts maple syrup on everything. But Briar knows not to trust anything or anyone. And that includes a gorgeous farm boy with soulful eyes and too many obligations.

When Jamie joins Briar’s romance novel book club, they both feel an instant connection. Soon they’re turning pages long into the night. But Briar’s past was bound to catch up with him. Sometimes, though, it takes two heroes to write a new ending . . .”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Jamie and Briar are the huge romance story lovers of the story. Jamie loves reading and is even studying English Lit at Burlington University with the hopes of working in a library. But he is stuck helping out with his family’s farm. Jamie is such a selfless guy who loves his family with all his heart, so he can’t help but drop everything to help them. He decides to join the new book club at Vino & Veritas, enter Briar. Briar is a founder of the book club and is new to Vermont. I liked Briar, but I loved Jamie and just how much he was a hopeless romantic. The book club members play a big role in the story too. It is a diverse group of people who reflect the passionate readers of the romance community.
  • Setting: Burlington, Vermont is the location of Vino & Veritas. It is also where the university is so Jamie drives often from Burlington to his family’s farm in Morse’s Line, Vermont. Juxtaposed to other Vermont newbies Briar adjusted pretty well and it was beautiful to see him find his new home.
  • Pacing: One of the best parts of this story are the chapter titles. The best comparison I can make is if you ever read the Percy Jackson series, it is the exact same style of those chapter titles. Besides me geeking out over the chapter titles, the story was paced very well. I just kept wanting to read more and more of the story.
  • Romance: Gosh was I ever a sucker for two romance readers falling in love with one another. Both Briar and Jamie know they are queer so this is not a coming-out story. Rather it is two guys who need to get it through their thick skulls that they are deserving of a love that is out of this world. That the happily ever afters they love in the books, can be their real lives.

Booklover receives four out of five stars.

You can pick up the story below…

Thank you again to J.E. Birk, Sarina Bowen, Jenn Gaffney and the rest of the team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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