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Helena Hunting’s A Kiss for a Kiss ARC Review

Thank you to Helena Hunting and her team for the advance reader copy of A Kiss for a Kiss, the fourth story in the All In series. This story releases on May 28th!

This comes as a huge surprise that Helena is continuing the All In series and is giving a HEA to Jake and Hanna. Helena has never written a story about two people in their forties navigating falling in love. If you are a fan of Helena’s you will recognize these guys as the parents of Ryan and Queenie from A Secret to the Secret. So let’s add the fact that their kids are married into the mix of things complicating this relationship.

I am a member of Helena Hunting’s review team, but I stand by my reviews remaining honest and true.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“I’m Jake Masterson, single dad, and the General Manager of Seattle’s NHL team. I walked away from a career as a player so I could raise my daughter. For the last twenty-plus years, Queenie has been my main priority, but now she’s getting married.

And there’s a small complication.

A beautiful, sexy complication named Hanna.

She’s my son-in-law’s older sister. Or at least that’s how they were raised. The truth is a little more scandalous than that.

I’ve been drawn to her from the moment I laid eyes on her. And I spent months trying to keep a lid on that attraction.

Until we finally give in.

It starts with one searing kiss, but quickly ends with us between the sheets—and in the shower, and the hot tub, you get the picture—and turns into months of sneaking around.

Here’s the problem: we live on opposite ends of the country. It can’t be anything but casual. And as I’ve already said…it’s complicated.

But when Hanna finds out she’s pregnant…suddenly things get real serious.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: The main characters of this story are Jake and Hanna. Hanna is incredibly strong, resilient, kind and caring. While Jake is a big-hearted, gentleman. While Jake gave up his career in the pros to raise his daughter Queenie. Hanna was not allowed to be Ryan’s mom as her parents adopted him and raised Hanna and Ryan as siblings.
  • Setting: The story is set in Seattle mostly and somewhat in Tennessee. Jake is the general manager of the Seattle hockey team. While Hanna is living in Tennessee where she works, has her bestie Paxton and her parents live there too. The best part about the Seattle setting was the large circle of side characters from Helena Hunting’s hockey world. There are two support circles one for Jake made up of people like Alex (Pucked), Rook (A Lie for a Lie) Ryan (A Secret for a Secret) and Bishop (A Favor for a Favor). While Hanna is embraced so quickly by the WAGS, Violet (Pucked), Queenie (A Secret for a Secret), Lainey (A Lie for a Lie) and Stevie (A Favor for a Favor).
  • Pacing: This story is epically paced. I just wanted to keep reading it, and I never wanted it to end. I had to put the story down multiple times so I could actually do my life responsibilities for the day. I found no part of the story too rushed and I loved the slow burn of them realizing their romantic love mixed with their immensely hot sexual chemistry that was electric from page one.
  • Romance: Their story starts as a fling, but they had an undeniable connection. Even other characters pointed that out, and I love that aspect of this story. This story is one of the epic second chances for both Jake and Hanna. It is a second chance for Hanna to be a mom and for Jake to raise a child with a partner. Ultimately it is a second chance at love for both of them. This is also a story of miscarrying and getting pregnant later in life. This is not an easy road and Helena depicts this perfectly.

A Kiss for a Kiss receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Helena and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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