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Fiona Cole’s Just For a Little While ARC Review

Thank you to Fiona Cole and Valentine PR team for the advance reader copy of Just for a Little While. This story was previously in Stories of September, but now Fiona brings an extended story to the table.

I absolutely adored the story in its first iteration as I have always been a huge fan of Fiona’s previous take on the student-professor trope. If you have never read Voyeur, please do; it is phenomenal! So I jumped at the chance to review the extended version of Willem and Arabella’s love story.

Check out the Goodreads synopsis…

“After a year of traveling abroad, my parents finally trap my free-spirit into college. Even worse, my dad’s former-stepbrother has a room with my name on it.

The only thing I remember about Uncle Willem is his boring button down shirts and quiet demeanor.

Except the rugged man who opens his home to me—filling out his tshirt better than any person should,—is not the man I remember. Standing here drooling over his easy dimpled smile, I wonder if I really looked at him at all.

Because Willem is anything but boring and, based on the way his eyes linger of my ripped jeans and thin shirt, he anything but bored by me.

Add in that he’s a professor at my college and my major went from ‘undecided’ to ‘him’. He tried to hold back, but I have other plans in mind.

College can’t start soon enough. I can’t wait to misbehave and get sent to the professors office. All I need is a little while and Professor Willem will be mine.

*Previously published in the USA Today Bestselling anthology, Stories of September. Now with bonus chapters and an extended epilogue.”

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Willem and Arabella are the main characters of this short, sweet, and sinful story from Fiona. Arabella may only be nineteen but with months of European travel under her belt, she is passionate, determined, and confident. Having struck a bargain with her parents she reluctantly enrols in her first year of university and moves in with Uncle Willem. Except Willem is only sorta her uncle, he was her father’s stepbrother so it has always been a strained relationship. Willem is the hottie economic professor at the university so it makes sense for Arabella to stay with him, he can drop her off in the mornings. What no one in their family predicted was the off-the-charts chemistry they would have.
  • Setting: Cincinnati, Ohio is where both the university and Willem are based. It’s where all of Fiona’s books are set. You’ll recognize the same university from Voyeur, it is where Oaklyn attended and where Callum taught. The local bar is a major setting in the story and what it brings to the story is a hot seething jealously out of Will. I loved watching the angst between them and how jealous he got when Arabella hung out with younger men.
  • Pacing: This was a short story in the Stories of September anthology, but with bonus chapters and a longer epilogue. Fiona’s additions make the story richer, she gives more space for them to build their friendship first. To allow them to bond over shared interests before it bubbles over to a romance.
  • Romance: This relationship has an ease to it. They have great chemistry, great friendship, and are great in bed together. Just for a little while ties directly to them sharing hugs that last just a little while too long. Like these two made hugs incredibly hot, you gotta pick up this story!

Just for a Little While receives five out of five stars.

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Thank you again to Fiona and the Valentine PR team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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