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Devney Perry’s Blitz ARC Review

Thank you to Devney and her team for the advance reader copy of Blitz, the second story in the Treasure State Wildcats series.

Devney’s college football series which began with Coach is continued with Blitz and damn is this book dripping in forbidden. He’s a football coach and she’s a star volleyball player, they can not explore any sort of relationship. What ensues is a slow burn, with so much tension, and I will guarantee that any reader who likes a taste of forbidden will enjoy this one.

I am a Devney Perry review team member, but I remain honest and genuine in my reviews.

forbidden, small town, sports romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry.

A coach. A student. The rules were concrete. We broke them anyway.

The night I met Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lie. He was a Treasure State football coach. I was the star of the volleyball team. Coaches and students were forbidden. My future was on the line, so I told myself it was only one night.

That was the first lie. They got easier to tell after that. The lines blurred. The boundaries shifted. Our relationship became a game of its own.

A chaste smile. A knowing glance. A veiled touch or a hushed kiss. We hid in plain sight. We were invincible. Or so we thought. Neither of us saw the blitz coming until it was too late.

Game over. The night I left Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lose.

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: Toren and Jennsyn are the main characters of this story. Fans of this series may remember Toren as Ford’s best friend and assistant coach. Torren grew up and attended Treasure State, his dream was always to come back and help coach the team he played for. It’s hard not to fall for him quickly, he’s noble and kind. Jennsyn threatens that nobility, she’s a transfer student to Treasure State, but she and Toren hook up in the summer and never share the key details that would have had them clue in to the forbidden nature of their relationship. Jennsyn will be relatable to any reader out there who struggles with balancing parental expectations with doing what actually makes you happy. Jennsyn’s past reveals itself throughout the story (I think some of the reveals could have happened earlier, I don’t like how long she kept pieces of her past from Toren), but nonetheless, my heart broke for her and I loved her character journey.
  • Setting: As with all of Devney’s stories it is set in Montana. Treasure State is in a little college town called Mission, and it has that very US college town feel. Toren and Jennsyn are neighbours so much of the book is the longing glances and the sneaking out late at night and early in the morning. I think Devney writes college very well and am very excited for more books in this series.
  • Pacing: The timeline of this story was super interesting as it is told concurrently with the previous standalone, Coach (Millie and Ford’s story), which I really liked. I find most often romance series tell one story after another in chronological order, so it was a nice change. It also gave a nice insight into Toren’s thoughts on Millie and Ford’s relationship. I flew through this book, I literally read it on a plane and half my flight just went by in a blink cause I was so entranced by it. I was a bit underwhelmed by the ending, it felt like it was like an abrupt end and here’s an epilogue. I would have liked a bit more exploration of their relationship once more people knew about it.
  • Romance: Ooooh Devney crafted a delicious slow burn here, the payoff is so worth it. The story naturally opens up with them meeting the night Toren hosts a party and Jennsyn is compelled to check out what her new neighbour is up to. You don’t get the story of that first night right away, rather you get it in flashbacks and I loved this. After that night they do attempt to steer clear of each other, but their undeniable chemistry breeds some emotional and romantic moments. That build-up also meant that when they could no longer keep their hands to themselves the characters and the readers alike were giddy. 

Blitz receives 4.5/5 stars.

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Thank you again to Devney and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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