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Sarina Bowen’s A Little Too Late ARC Review

Thank you to Sarina Bowen and her team for the advance reader copy of A Little Too Late, an instalment in the Madigan Mountain series.

I am so excited to be whisked away to Madigan Mountain with Sarina Bowen and the other gals whose books succeed this one. I am a sucker for a good second-chance romance.

New from twenty-time USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen!

How to behave when the guy who broke your heart two thousand miles away turns up in your office:

One: Don’t drop your lucky coffee cup in shock, even though it’s been ten years.

Two: Don’t get defensive when he asks how you ended up working his family’s ski mountain… and why you kept it a secret.

Three: Give him the worst room in the resort. He deserves it for suddenly waltzing back in like he owns the place. (Which he kind of does.)

Four, five, six, seven, eight and nine: Do not kiss him in the hot tub.

Ten: Try to keep your heart intact after you break all of your rules.

Because Reed is leaving again. Hate can’t turn back into love. And it’s a little too late…

Check out my more detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: I really enjoyed both of our main characters, Ava and Reed. Ava was the perfect blend of strong-willed but sensitive. Reed is your classic male lead, who made some dumb choices and lost the girl in the process. He was incredibly endearing though, I could not help but like him. This instalment obviously set up the cast of characters that will dominate the rest of the books. The brothers will be our male leads, but I am more excited to see if any of Ava’s friends get to have a love story told.
  • Setting: The star of the show in this story is for sure the setting. The setting is Madrigan Mountain, the ski hills, the surrounding town, Penny Ridge and all the people of different stripes who call it home. It was all very charming and what I loved about it is that you get the gossip of a small town, but mixed in with the amenities of hotels. So you get the sneaking to each other’s rooms and skiing, hot tubs and room service.
  • Pacing: This story went by at a decent pace, it felt longer than some books I have more recently but I enjoyed that. It really felt like things had space to develop. The earlier part of their chronological story is told in flashbacks. These sections did a great job of solidifying a few pivotal moments in their shared history.
  • Romance: Reed and Ava were a great couple to follow and an awesome second chance romance. They had such great chemistry together and I loved how Sarina depicted them as falling right back into place. That despite all the years that have passed they still have great sexual chemistry. There were some great scenes together and I loved how all the side characters seemed to champion their getting together. Shout out to Ava’s friends who would leave a scene to give them space and want all the tea about what went down. An element of this second chance romance that I really loved was the way two people decided to build a home together. Not just that but, building that home in her new home and his former.

A Little Too Late receives four out of five stars.

You can pick up the story here.

Thank you again to Sarina and her team for the review opportunity. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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