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Process Post Week 3: To Logo or not to Logo?

This past week I put a lot of thought into if my brand would benefit from a logo.

I first examined the logos of other similar brands to mine. I went right to one of my biggest inspirations: Aestas Book Blog. Aestas is known across the NA book blogging community by her name primarily. If she is known for any specific visual it would be her social media profile picture:

On her website she does have her blog name stylized at the top:

The profile picture is very recognizable to as I discovered her blog via Goodreads so naturally, I associated her with her Goodreads profile picture. I would not stay that she has a logo though. Her name is what is truly what distinguishes her.

I specifically named this blog: ClaryNathanWill because that is my social media brand. I have had that screenname/handle since I started having social media accounts. If you were to google “ClaryNathanWill” you will find everything connected to me online. I love the uniformity of my name across platforms, that I am easy to find. Naturally I wanted to own because that is me, that is my online self, and that is my brand.

I am known online by my name, not an image, not a logo. That is okay because I have built this uniformity and association with the name ClaryNathanWill. A brand is so much more than a logo, for me my brand is encapsulated in my name.

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