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    Author Spotlight on Fiona Cole (and Mini Assignment #6)

    For this next installment of author spotlight, I am going to highlight someone I have discovered quite recently. I cannot remember which Facebook group it was but in one of the groups I am apart of I saw someone discuss their love of Fiona Cole’s Voyeur. I decided quite spontaneously to pick it up and by the next week not only had I devoured Voyeur, but I had also subsequently picked up: Deny Me, Imagine Me, and Shame.  I sincerely hope you consider picking up some of Fiona’s books after reading my breakdowns and thoughts surrounding them. She has so few reviews on Goodreads but has written some phenomenal stories. I am going to discuss the books in…

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    Author Spotlight on Karina Halle

    In author spotlight, I want to write dedicated posts to highlight an author that I believe deserves more attention both in and out of the NA literature fandom. It was a no-brainer for me to start out with Karina Halle (pronounced like Halle Berry, my stupid brain pronounced it differently for a long time). She is definitely one of the hardest working authors out there. Plus she’s a hometown girl for me (both of us were born in Vancouver, Canada (and she still lives close by)), which bleeds into the settings of so many of her books. Karina is a machine. She is my most read author, and here’s the…