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Giana Darling’s After the Fall ARC Review

Thank you to Giana Darling and the team at Candi Kane PR for the advance reader copy of After the Fall, the fourth book in The Fallen MC series.

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“I was settin’ up to live a good life, the kinda life I’d fought hard to deserve.
With a good woman––the best woman––at my side, a degree under my belt, and the whole world at my feet, I was livin’ the kinda happily ever after usually denied the rebellious and the criminal. I’d turned my back on that kinda life, thinkin’ I needed that clean, wholesome kinda happy.
Then the devil came dressed in the wings of an angel and took someone from me.
And I realized I was wrong.
There was no clean and wholesome for a man like me with poetry in his heart and outlaw in his blood. The life I’d been livin’ was only purgatory, holding me over until the time came for me to descend into Hell and pick up the tarnished crown that awaited me.
I was condemning my woman to a life of violence, blood, and heartache, but I had to hope she’d step up and finally be the rough and tumble queen to my Fallen MC king.”

Check out my detailed thoughts below…

  • Characters: King and Cressida are powerhouses, fan favourites and I did very much enjoy seeing where these two have been since when they got together four years ago. Cressida has gone through phenomenal character development from the shy woman she was at the beginning of this story, to a tough biker old lady. In this book, you really get to see the new Cress in full force. King is my tough yet soft biker boy who is so deserving of love and happiness.
  • Setting: Entrance, British Columbia is a made-up town that Giana has situated along the sea to sky highway. I know that means nothing to non-Vancouver/lower mainland/BC peeps but it means something to me. I still think non-BC peeps will appreciate the setting as well, it has that nice small-town feel you get in a lot of great new adult romance books.
  • Romance: These two are so in love with each other. It was in this department that I found it very useful to have read the poetry book Giana put out along with this release. If you had not read it you might not fully grasp the scale in which they love each other. If I had one complaint, it is the main reason this book was four rather than five stars for me. This complaint (and I cannot believe I am saying this), this book had too much sex in it. It just felt like these two do not talk much and they just jump

I give After the Fall four out of five stars.

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